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/ Krystal

Call girl Krystal, +1 (647) 949-3722

Toronto, All
+1 (647) 949-372224 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Toronto escorts Krystal (Toronto), 6479493722

Krystal, photo

Krystal, starts from 270 p/h

Age: 21
Height: 154
Weight: 50
Bust Size: Medium

Nationality: Bolivian

1 hour: 270
2 hours:
All night:
Outcall: yes
Well, hello there. It's Krystall - your sexy Bolivian mistress. I'm beautiful and strikingly sexy. You won't be able to turn your eyes away. I provide an exclusive girlfriend experience that will leave you ayarning for more. Experienced, skillful independent. Let's party like it's the last time. Call me anytime sweetie. My sexual preferences are listed on my profile along with the personal info. I do all kinds of sex services including oral and anal sex. All your dreams are gonna come true tonight. 270 CAD per hour. Call me +1 (647) 949-3722

Time to call: anytime

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Last update: 03.10.17
Ad number: 111598

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
If you are visited Krystal please leave your feedback . Note that all feedbacks will be checked before posting . Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again!
Hey girl you free tonight?
Wrote Kim at 28.07.21, 00:31:44.
Hi,you are available now?
Wrote José Luis at 27.07.21, 05:39:12.
Heyy. So this is new to me and I have been curious about sex with a female. Soo ?
Wrote Steph at 24.07.21, 00:04:53.
Wrote Ten at 19.07.21, 19:56:20.
Hi, are you available tonight?
Wrote Satish at 13.07.21, 23:30:30.
Number doesn work.
Wrote at 24.06.21, 09:32:03.
Hey babe, I called you but apparently your number is not right . Please call me back . Id like to have you for tonight
Wrote Bryan at 04.06.21, 20:29:05.
Wrote at 10.05.21, 02:13:38.
Hi beautiful Are you still available?
Wrote Scott at 08.05.21, 07:47:31.
Please, please update your phone number. Your current number doesn work.
Wrote at 06.05.21, 08:48:49.
The number doesn work. Lmao. Idk how shes verified if nobody can call her.
Wrote at 03.05.21, 08:39:13.
DO you do incall
Wrote hi terry at 30.04.21, 02:53:07.
You awake hot bolivia
Wrote at 07.04.21, 11:18:18.
Wrote Jimmy at 03.04.21, 18:50:35.
Wrote at 03.04.21, 18:49:52.
350 1h
Wrote at 27.03.21, 10:26:17.
Im in
Wrote at 15.03.21, 10:23:49.
Hi I am free Where do you wanna meet
Wrote Raj at 23.02.21, 19:57:43.
Wrote Luis at 12.02.21, 22:31:08.
Wrote Ricoh at 06.02.21, 02:00:54.
U look to b like GODDESS!!!
Wrote at 30.01.21, 01:20:28.
Wrote at 10.01.21, 05:43:47.
I want anal sex
Wrote Hey babe at 01.01.21, 08:02:04.
How big are you?
Wrote Rick at 17.12.20, 14:03:36.
Hello; Once again. How do I get in touch with this rock sta??
Wrote Raven at 17.12.20, 01:41:01.
Wrote Michael at 16.12.20, 17:18:47.
Wrote at 13.12.20, 14:21:31.
I would like to have you come here in Vaughan for some company this morning if you’re available now
Wrote Steve at 11.12.20, 10:24:21.
Are you available tonight ? I am staying in Vaughan
Wrote Steve at 29.11.20, 02:50:23.
Hello Krystall; Can help it luv. You, definitely are one beautiful and strikingly sexy, young lady. I want to make contact first to find out where you are and of course to set up a meeting. Not a short one either. 3-5 hrs if things work out. Just interested in vaginal sex, all styles and oral sex both ways. I do foot and leg massage too but Im just a regular guy, retired plumber, salt pepper hair, 5-9, athletic, 60 yrs young. Looking for long term friendship. Thanks for takimng the time luv and hope to hear from you xxoo
Wrote Robin at 22.11.20, 19:19:02.
You available tomlrrow evening for an hour . My names ryan 6ft2 220 lbs blonde hair blue eyes athletic build. You are so gorgeous
Wrote Mack at 20.11.20, 03:42:58.
Hi. Are u free tonight?
Wrote Pablo at 16.11.20, 01:17:57.
Are you available for a out call to my motel room at Novotel Hotel tonight??
Wrote Steve at 11.11.20, 05:16:19.
you amazing how much
Wrote at 04.11.20, 08:31:27.
Wrote at 22.10.20, 17:45:17.
Hey are you available for this week Friday
Wrote Ammy at 23.09.20, 07:13:23.
Wrote Sandra at 11.09.20, 04:22:00.
Hello beautiful I am looking for a beautiful woman to spend some time with me and my husband tomorrow night and you have caught my eye Are you free?
Wrote Kerry at 15.07.20, 05:03:27.
I want to spend time with you..
Wrote Aksh at 02.07.20, 21:11:21.
Cuando nos vemos?
Wrote Chino at 20.06.20, 14:57:02.
Toronto ?
Wrote at 17.06.20, 21:21:24.
Brampton ?
Wrote Miguel at 09.06.20, 05:52:01.
Just let me know if you see women
Wrote Jen at 07.06.20, 06:37:37.
I’d like to book you now if your free. I’m available to party if you want I’ll take care of everything
Wrote Jenny at 26.05.20, 06:37:09.
Hey are you available
Wrote Perry at 17.05.20, 20:40:26.
Hello are you available tonight
Wrote Sue at 23.12.19, 16:57:12.
Hi Krystall I want to try my first lesbian encounter. I do have a steady boyfriend that is interested in watching touching or dirty comments from him. Is this possible
Wrote Jemma at 22.11.19, 12:51:37.
Hi baby
Wrote Aleks at 22.09.19, 04:15:34.
Hi baby
Wrote Aleks at 22.09.19, 04:15:24.
Hi, I am looking for a companion for Tuesday sept 24 evening I will be near the Airport. Can we play ?
Wrote Garrett at 21.09.19, 13:50:09.
You available tonight?
Wrote Bruce at 20.09.19, 04:52:15.
Wrote at 08.09.19, 08:46:40.
Wrote at 08.09.19, 08:36:24.
Wrote Sam at 06.09.19, 17:53:09.
For 3 am tonight?
Wrote Beer at 01.09.19, 15:17:16.
Are u available
Wrote Ipip at 29.08.19, 03:44:13.
Hi i neex u
Wrote Nasir at 14.08.19, 08:46:45.
Wrote Marko at 11.08.19, 05:33:27.
Hi Are you available for one hour outcall tonight? Cheers
Wrote Amr at 07.08.19, 22:12:40.
Hi there, you available next Friday night.
Wrote John at 28.07.19, 16:53:27.
Hey you available tonight??
Wrote Priya at 19.07.19, 00:46:36.
Do you have an email?
Wrote at 18.07.19, 03:37:02.
You available right now
Wrote Andrew at 13.07.19, 06:56:40.
Hey babe, you available today/tonight?
Wrote Andrew at 12.07.19, 11:08:20.
Wrote Hello at 08.07.19, 19:26:36.
Ur there
Wrote Hey at 08.07.19, 19:25:25.
Hey you’re really beautiful! Would love to discuss meeting up sometime!
Wrote Donny brenner at 07.07.19, 03:18:35.
Retired professional white in my sixtiesCambridge suites 11pm 1 hour
Wrote John at 05.07.19, 20:16:02.
r u avail tonight
Wrote maria at 21.06.19, 06:10:59.
You available hun?
Wrote Arash at 17.06.19, 19:42:17.
Are you available tonight incall?
Wrote Ankush at 15.06.19, 22:51:08.
Hi, are you available right now?
Wrote at 08.06.19, 05:40:16.
Hi are you interested tonight 300
Wrote Marjorie at 31.05.19, 07:46:13.
Down for girl fun
Wrote Marjorie at 31.05.19, 07:40:38.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:32.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:16.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:16.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:15.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:15.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:09.
Wrote at 25.05.19, 20:34:09.
Are you free tomorrow
Wrote Bilawal at 12.05.19, 04:06:20.
Wrote at 08.05.19, 05:47:00.
Are you free tonight
Wrote Jake at 06.05.19, 00:12:49.
Are you available Christmas Day 2024?
Wrote at 28.04.19, 06:26:44.
Are you available tomorrow night - Tuesday 23 or early Wednesday morning? Staying at a hotel Pearson Airport
Wrote Mark at 23.04.19, 03:45:07.
Wrote at 20.04.19, 03:36:45.
You working tonight sweetie
Wrote Joe at 14.04.19, 21:22:23.
Girl on girl tonight?
Wrote Tiffany Campbell at 13.04.19, 22:55:35.
how much for 3 days
Wrote karan at 12.04.19, 06:07:27.
Wrote nivas at 03.04.19, 02:50:39.
Wrote nivas at 03.04.19, 02:50:10.
Wrote at 03.04.19, 02:49:44.
Hello. Can i meet you on April 5th friday this week
Wrote Adam at 02.04.19, 01:36:20.
I strongly believe you are who i have been searching for.......
Wrote Chino at 01.04.19, 08:32:41.
Hoy are u doing? Are u still available for tonight?
Wrote David at 29.03.19, 07:05:54.
Hi Krystal. Here David from Spain
Wrote Davdi at 29.03.19, 07:04:57.
Don send anything e transfer it is a scam they use web cam models and make it seem like it is going to happen and if you ask for a refund they will blackmail!
Wrote Jane Doe at 25.03.19, 01:19:52.
Hello are you available this weekend (March 23rd)
Wrote Melanie at 19.03.19, 17:21:26.
Hi! Can I book u for the 28th of March for my fiancé and I for 2 hrs . ? Can I FaceTime or meet u prior ? We r an attractive couple!!!!
Wrote Tracey at 17.03.19, 02:05:09.
Hi r u available
Wrote Hiren at 15.03.19, 15:24:13.
Hello Krystal, My fiancé and I are looking for a woman who wants to have a fun and respect experience! It’s my fiancé’s birthday and I want to surprise him. I would need to meet u first ! What do u charge for an evening? I am happy to share photos with u
Wrote at 14.03.19, 12:50:08.
I’m going to blue moon for 24 hours with friends we gonna stay a night in a hotel and come back i want you to go with me as my girlfriend. Give me a good rate I’m sure you will have fun. We will have candle night in hotel Breakfast in hotel Some snow activities And lunch And will be back Toronto in evening .
Wrote Shikeeb at 05.03.19, 01:09:32.
Wrote at 03.03.19, 09:19:02.
Wrote at 03.03.19, 09:18:53.
Do you go to Vaughan
Wrote at 24.02.19, 04:05:33.
Do you go to Vaughan
Wrote at 24.02.19, 04:05:32.
Wrote Suji at 21.02.19, 17:19:20.
Hey, are you free tonight?
Wrote Becca at 14.02.19, 21:59:12.
Wrote Awake? at 13.02.19, 07:00:04.
Can u come to my place?
Wrote Nova at 12.02.19, 06:24:35.
Yorkville at hotel
Wrote tim at 05.02.19, 05:20:12.
You free now?
Wrote tim at 05.02.19, 05:19:27.
Wrote Sam at 01.02.19, 04:35:24.
Don’t send any money electronically you will not get your money back or service either
Wrote Scam Alert! at 21.01.19, 03:22:32.
Hi, we are a married couple in early 30s looking for an experience Monday or Tuesday at our rental apartment in downtown Toronto.
Wrote Joséphine and Alex at 14.01.19, 13:17:26.
Are you available tonight in mississauga
Wrote at 09.01.19, 03:50:43.
Wrote Dani at 31.12.18, 04:43:15.
Wrote mr at 17.12.18, 23:43:13.
Whats your location and availability
Wrote Shark at 04.12.18, 05:56:17.
Hi baby are you available now? ??g
Wrote at 30.11.18, 10:28:31.
You are very sexy
Wrote Miranda at 25.11.18, 21:02:17.
are you available now?
Wrote Cameron at 23.11.18, 08:48:22.
How late are you available. At a airport hotel.
Wrote at 19.11.18, 01:49:12.
hi are u avai ?
Wrote ck at 17.11.18, 03:49:42.
Wrote Rah at 08.11.18, 21:22:06.
Hey gorgeous, u available 1 hour, vaginal sex, an al sex and oral without Condon... CIM????
Wrote Jon at 07.11.18, 03:26:23.
Hi are you free
Wrote Imran at 01.11.18, 00:32:34.
what dates are you available in november
Wrote dan at 30.10.18, 06:15:59.
are you sure Oral with out condom mmm
Wrote George at 27.10.18, 02:05:15.
Hey beautiful
Wrote Jack at 24.10.18, 04:58:27.
Wrote Hi I want you I’m a girl let’s book next at 21.10.18, 22:09:38.
can I see you
Wrote kuni at 21.10.18, 10:32:30.
Wrote at 21.10.18, 10:32:15.
Hey what’s your rate for 30 min anal?
Wrote Jay at 20.10.18, 19:23:48.
How do you feel about domination and roleplay?
Wrote Hello beautiful at 15.10.18, 15:34:42.
Now incall
Wrote at 12.10.18, 09:19:11.
Come on over sexy
Wrote Wsitin at 12.10.18, 06:15:05.
Hi sex y don u come over
Wrote at 12.10.18, 06:14:26.
Are you doing incoming calls
Wrote Alex at 08.10.18, 23:31:35.
Where can i meet you
Wrote J at 03.10.18, 17:35:28.
Hi , are you available now?
Wrote T at 29.09.18, 00:15:05.
Do you kiss
Wrote Ron at 22.09.18, 16:16:52.
Are you available now?
Wrote Antonio at 19.09.18, 13:57:28.
Where you at
Wrote K at 08.09.18, 05:57:38.
Hi, are you available in downtown tonight?
Wrote Azan at 03.09.18, 22:26:51.
Hey babe, Are you available tomorrow night?
Wrote Veroniqa at 29.08.18, 07:52:36.
Hi, are you free on Friday morning?
Wrote Mike at 28.08.18, 17:12:47.
You come up to me or I have to come on you
Wrote Hii at 25.08.18, 04:06:26.
Are you available for 2 hours Anal?
Wrote at 23.08.18, 19:52:27.
Hi babe
Wrote Sam at 23.08.18, 19:51:59.
Hi babe
Wrote Sam at 23.08.18, 19:51:59.
Hi babe
Wrote Sam at 23.08.18, 19:51:59.
Hi babe
Wrote Sam at 23.08.18, 19:51:57.
Are u available tonight
Wrote Amanda at 22.07.18, 23:47:53.
Hi,are you available ?
Wrote Samy at 21.07.18, 19:01:00.
Hello. You up to party?
Wrote George at 21.07.18, 09:44:23.
Hello. You up to party?
Wrote George at 21.07.18, 09:44:00.
Hi, are you available now for outcall
Wrote Rijal at 21.07.18, 02:15:05.
Hello Interested in either outcall or incall, 90 minutes. Ifealky within the next 4-5 hours. Thank you.
Wrote Nolan at 20.07.18, 20:00:44.
Hi, saw ur ad! Im in mississauga and dienro drinking can not obviously dribe anywhere! Ive got my own plac e
Wrote Noone special! at 19.07.18, 07:23:57.
U are very hot I would like to see you tonight do you have any latex outfits to wear I have catsuit to wear I love how tight and sexy it feels on my naked body get back to me and u can bring strap on for me too
Wrote Jay at 07.07.18, 01:53:43.
U are very hot I would like to see you tonight do you have any latex outfits to wear I have catsuit to wear I love how tight and sexy it feels on my naked body get back to me and u can bring strap on for me too
Wrote Jay at 07.07.18, 01:53:43.
Hey babe
Wrote Dave at 03.07.18, 02:23:19.
Wrote Dave at 03.07.18, 02:22:43.
Hey, you available for outcall?
Wrote Marc at 29.06.18, 04:19:33.
U down to have fun
Wrote at 23.06.18, 06:17:00.
Wrote Sebastian at 23.06.18, 06:15:28.
I want service for kissy licking. I am in Scarborough
Wrote Nas at 21.06.18, 17:34:53.
Whats up
Wrote at 21.06.18, 10:03:58.
hi how can I contact you for some extream fun
Wrote mansoor at 21.06.18, 03:47:19.
Hi saw your ad.
Wrote at 08.06.18, 02:55:29.
Hey hows it going
Wrote Mike at 01.06.18, 08:31:53.
Hi how are you
Wrote Mehran at 31.05.18, 21:45:25.
Free bow
Wrote Monty at 30.05.18, 19:01:13.
Brampton availability?
Wrote at 30.05.18, 15:10:38.
Good evening are you available now?
Wrote Janos at 29.05.18, 05:19:17.
U up
Wrote at 26.05.18, 04:11:45.
Free now
Wrote Sean at 23.05.18, 04:48:40.
Wrote at 19.05.18, 08:35:40.
Looking for my first girl on girl experience. Will you come to Bolton? Can I pay with an e transfer?
Wrote Yvonne at 16.05.18, 06:16:29.
Are you available now? I’m from South Ga. USA. See ya soon.
Wrote Tyler at 16.03.18, 09:01:14.
How much to fuck without a condom
Wrote Jacob at 11.02.18, 21:28:54.
Babe you available now out call to 34 gulliver rd keele and Lawrence REINA
Wrote Eduardo at 19.12.17, 08:43:16.
Hey girl hey lets meet up and have fun
Wrote Tommy Sanchez at 29.10.17, 07:08:47.
Hey baby are you available for an out call right now?
Wrote Pablo at 04.10.17, 08:34:42.

Latin escort in Toronto Krystall is availible for outcalls in any part of the city

No need to leave your house or a hotel, when an exclusive companionship is just a click and a phone call away. Krystall is a remarkable female companion with an exotic appearance and excellent attitude. Enjoy her unrushed and professional service - dial +1 (647) 949-3722 and make an advanced booking. Make this date go according to your plans. Save your time and money and spend it on special someone who knows how to please and entertain men. Guaranteed satisfaction and an upscale service for 270CAD/hour. Call anytime.

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