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/ Amelia

Amelia, +1 (647) 963-8582

Toronto, Downtown
+1 (647) 963-858224 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Amelia, 21

Amelia — photos and reviews about the prostitute

pictures Amelia

Amelia, 21, Toronto, All

Age: 21
Height: 164
Weight: 60
Bust Size: Small

Nationality: Belgian

1 hour: 200
2 hours:
All night:
Outcall: yes
Hey babe it's Amelia I'm a 21 old Belgian woman that likes what she does. I provide a professional and discreet outcall service in Toronto and its closest areas. My body is virtually flawless - I'm highly addictive. No attitude, no drama. I have the sweetest bubbly personality, I'm approachable and easy to talk to. See my profile for photos and contact info. Available for couples Profesional & Respectful Men Only

Time to call: anytime

Last update: 03.10.17
Ad number: 111626

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
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Hi sexy
Wrote Jack at 23.05.20, 09:47:25.
Hi Amelia, Are u available tomorrow night? Me; handsome, white, American in downtown Toronto. Very polite businessman, looking for a little fun. hope to hear from you :) Michael
Wrote at 19.05.20, 00:32:00.
Hi ido incal?
Wrote Fred at 10.05.20, 10:24:08.
I’m interested in PSE including anal
Wrote Hans at 30.04.20, 13:55:01.
Hello! We are a clean couple looking to add some fun and play together. When are you available?
Wrote Alexis at 22.04.20, 22:23:23.
Mmm hey baby are you free? Female here with donations
Wrote Stacyanne at 18.04.20, 03:22:51.
Wrote at 09.04.20, 23:41:48.
Are u free?
Wrote at 08.04.20, 18:53:16.
U free
Wrote at 04.03.20, 03:19:16.
Are you free
Wrote at 04.03.20, 03:18:29.
I am insisting we are couples
Wrote Hi at 03.03.20, 20:19:16.
Are u free?
Wrote at 28.02.20, 07:32:45.
Are you available tuesday night?
Wrote Diego at 23.02.20, 15:25:29.
Tomorrow you available
Wrote at 20.02.20, 20:01:22.
Are you available tonight?
Wrote Aisha at 04.02.20, 23:20:37.
Are u available
Wrote at 20.01.20, 02:41:48.
Are u avaliblenow Chelsea hotel downtown Toronto
Wrote Steve at 20.01.20, 02:37:44.
R U available tonight
Wrote Jon at 16.01.20, 06:09:44.
Hi I wanna meet with you for hh if possible can you reply for me pleas my name is Alek
Wrote at 13.01.20, 13:57:15.
Good evening are you available next week?
Wrote Paul at 12.01.20, 19:24:42.
Available tonight?
Wrote Rohan at 02.01.20, 05:55:27.
Hi lovely ! Are u available tonight dear
Wrote Kevin at 27.11.19, 02:29:30.
Can we meet tomorrow
Wrote at 15.11.19, 03:15:26.
Hey babe, Are you available tomorrow(incall)?
Wrote RAYMond at 27.10.19, 03:55:04.
How much for half hour im at Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre
Wrote at 12.10.19, 07:54:21.
Hi are you available?
Wrote Ryon at 30.09.19, 06:28:15.
Hi I am Lawrence. Are you available tonight
Wrote at 29.09.19, 23:52:40.
Are you available tonight?
Wrote DJ at 24.09.19, 05:31:24.
You do anal sex
Wrote Laxaro at 20.09.19, 03:39:44.
Are you available
Wrote at 19.09.19, 19:42:20.
Wrote David at 16.09.19, 05:13:23.
Hey babe
Wrote Hey at 15.09.19, 21:24:15.
Are you availible
Wrote Jim at 13.09.19, 18:05:07.
I’m ready. Are you?
Wrote at 12.09.19, 09:43:44.
Wrote Aly at 11.09.19, 00:34:03.
hi beautiful
Wrote Terence at 10.09.19, 17:28:47.
Hi baby
Wrote Alex at 09.09.19, 03:58:27.
hi baby
Wrote at 08.09.19, 18:16:43.
Wrote at 08.09.19, 18:16:27.
Wrote at 08.09.19, 18:16:11.
Wrote at 06.09.19, 03:22:35.
Wrote asdf at 05.09.19, 02:58:11.
Hi. What is your 30min rate?
Wrote Tim at 04.09.19, 17:24:29.
are you available right now
Wrote dan at 01.09.19, 05:47:48.
Whats your rate plz
Wrote Rx at 31.08.19, 06:31:58.
Wrote phong at 29.08.19, 05:52:09.
hi there what is your outcall rate please
Wrote kasim at 29.08.19, 03:36:36.
hi there what is your outcall rate please
Wrote at 29.08.19, 03:36:18.
Wrote at 28.08.19, 18:46:27.
Hi u r available in Friday night
Wrote Rad at 27.08.19, 07:25:20.
Hi there I’m looking for an outcall service at Etobicoke (islington and rexdale) area I’m looking for a women that is up to having anal sex are you available tonight?
Wrote Daniel at 26.08.19, 22:42:52.
Looking for outcall and anal sex, are you available? And your price,please for 2hours
Wrote Daniel at 26.08.19, 01:11:50.
Hi I want to meet you
Wrote Adrien at 25.08.19, 06:40:05.
Are u free mami
Wrote at 25.08.19, 00:01:49.
Etobicke tomorrow?
Wrote at 21.08.19, 00:43:11.
A you free now
Wrote Deep at 19.08.19, 01:10:28.
hey call cum with m e
Wrote Brad at 17.08.19, 19:23:47.
Are you free now
Wrote Hi at 17.08.19, 05:33:55.
Hello, are you available now? And would you see a single female?
Wrote Chelsea at 16.08.19, 05:09:59.
Are you free now?
Wrote Kevin at 12.08.19, 17:05:02.
Hi you are available today
Wrote Lazaro at 11.08.19, 17:57:26.
Free now
Wrote Brandon at 11.08.19, 07:20:08.
Free now?
Wrote Jay at 10.08.19, 03:51:27.
Hi I want to spend one night
Wrote Nav at 09.08.19, 16:41:32.
Hey you available?
Wrote Andrew at 09.08.19, 01:13:53.
Hey sweetheart are you still working
Wrote Micheal at 07.08.19, 08:02:44.
Are u intereted ina 3some
Wrote Vanessa at 02.08.19, 05:28:58.
Are u interested on a 3some
Wrote Hi at 02.08.19, 05:28:33.
Hi you available
Wrote Nii at 31.07.19, 04:45:13.
Are you looking for some fun tonight!!
Wrote Andy at 28.07.19, 07:13:43.
I look like Keanu Keeves lets party
Wrote Adam at 28.07.19, 00:03:13.
Are you available?
Wrote Cyka at 26.07.19, 06:48:51.
Are u avaliable
Wrote at 25.07.19, 04:04:36.
Are you available
Wrote at 24.07.19, 05:48:57.
R u available
Wrote Bailey at 21.07.19, 11:03:19.
Hello babe do you speak french
Wrote Jean Pierre at 19.07.19, 15:00:55.
Hi, are you available now?
Wrote Nick at 13.07.19, 11:34:51.
Hi are you available now
Wrote at 12.07.19, 03:33:25.
Hi, are you available?
Wrote Unknown at 07.07.19, 03:05:14.
Are you available tomorrow night 6 o’clock
Wrote at 06.07.19, 02:28:39.
Hi are you available now
Wrote Jay at 05.07.19, 10:35:25.
Avaible tonight?
Wrote Yen Tran at 01.07.19, 01:08:13.
Wrote Are you available tonight? at 01.07.19, 01:07:02.
Hi babe are you available tonight?
Wrote at 28.06.19, 04:01:44.
How are you
Wrote at 27.06.19, 00:56:36.
1) Pull over, that Ass is too FAt 2)Tits too Big 3) Weird ass Belly Button 4) Unrealistic Edits on Pics
Wrote VIrtually Flawless at 26.06.19, 16:37:02.
I know it says 24 hours, but Im assuming its too late. If not I would be interested.
Wrote David at 24.06.19, 09:08:10.
You available right now?
Wrote Kabaye at 24.06.19, 08:57:28.
Are you available tonight
Wrote Joe at 24.06.19, 01:16:13.
You available tonight
Wrote at 24.06.19, 01:01:57.
Are you available tonight
Wrote Ellie at 23.06.19, 04:14:46.
You avail to nigh
Wrote Joe at 23.06.19, 04:12:35.
I would like to have sex with you
Wrote Tahji at 22.06.19, 17:26:45.
you available tonight
Wrote at 22.06.19, 05:31:45.
Hi are you available today
Wrote at 19.06.19, 17:52:28.
Hi can you do in calls
Wrote at 18.06.19, 22:34:40.
Hi can you in calls
Wrote Joe at 18.06.19, 22:34:01.
Wrote Joe at 18.06.19, 22:33:22.
hi dear?
Wrote Tonino at 16.06.19, 23:31:13.
Can we have the service now??
Wrote Venky at 14.06.19, 03:23:29.
Are you?
Wrote Diego at 12.06.19, 15:15:37.
Are you available rigth now?
Wrote Diego at 12.06.19, 15:15:04.
I would like to have sex with you
Wrote Venky at 12.06.19, 03:29:08.
Are you available?
Wrote Roger at 09.06.19, 20:32:04.
Are you available right now?
Wrote Sean at 09.06.19, 09:59:25.
You are so hot. My husband and I would like to spend an hour with you.
Wrote at 09.06.19, 08:59:03.
Are you available
Wrote at 08.06.19, 23:52:43.
Wrote at 08.06.19, 23:51:53.
Hey are you free now let’s fuck
Wrote at 08.06.19, 16:34:16.
Hey are you free now let’s fuck
Wrote at 08.06.19, 16:34:16.
Hey beautiful are you free tonight, King Street
Wrote at 07.06.19, 20:56:51.
Ru avail
Wrote at 03.06.19, 07:25:01.
I like having Golden shower can you give one
Wrote Carlo at 03.06.19, 05:00:42.
R u available now.. Peter street
Wrote Rahul at 26.05.19, 05:03:07.
Are you available for girl fun
Wrote Lee at 25.05.19, 23:38:05.
Hi are you available for girl only
Wrote at 25.05.19, 23:36:16.
Are you available
Wrote at 25.05.19, 23:35:47.
Are you available tonigh
Wrote L at 25.05.19, 23:34:33.
Are u available tonight
Wrote Tom at 24.05.19, 03:18:34.
You yhrt
Wrote Johnny. at 19.05.19, 09:54:05.
Wrote Johnny at 19.05.19, 09:53:14.
Wrote at 19.05.19, 09:52:53.
Hi are you available tonight?
Wrote Ryan at 19.05.19, 05:13:19.
Hi are you free right now by any chance?
Wrote Nate at 18.05.19, 05:07:04.
you available
Wrote bb at 16.05.19, 03:27:33.
Wrote bb at 16.05.19, 03:27:06.
Are you available?
Wrote Mat lap at 15.05.19, 02:58:32.
You come my house
Wrote Alex at 13.05.19, 23:31:37.
Hi sex you available
Wrote Alex at 13.05.19, 23:30:25.
Wrote Mike at 08.05.19, 03:33:10.
Wrote at 08.05.19, 03:32:26.
HI are you available today?
Wrote Melvin at 07.05.19, 19:27:16.
Are you available
Wrote Paul at 07.05.19, 07:43:50.
Hi Im Kostas
Wrote Kostas Papagiannidis at 05.05.19, 06:11:24.
Are you available tonight? I’m in downtown
Wrote Lucas at 05.05.19, 00:27:26.
Hi love how much 1hr outcall in scarborough please
Wrote Alan at 02.05.19, 02:25:41.
Hi love how much 1hr outcall in scarborough please
Wrote Alan at 02.05.19, 02:25:17.
Where are you located?
Wrote Rasha at 28.04.19, 04:41:47.
Woken Tom he spit fortdtj
Wrote at 20.04.19, 21:02:51.
Me Are in abet mad mood Tkmthey out fort three seek Toda
Wrote Sandra at 20.04.19, 21:01:50.
how much
Wrote cobain at 20.04.19, 05:20:32.
Hey, where are you located?
Wrote Xena at 19.04.19, 22:48:44.
Wrote Ben at 18.04.19, 18:39:15.
Where are u located
Wrote at 18.04.19, 01:43:44.
Hi there what your availability this week
Wrote Hi at 17.04.19, 03:31:59.
I tried to contact through sms, your number couldnt be reached. Wanted to book a couples session for 11pm on saturday
Wrote 4379814979 at 05.04.19, 23:49:26.
Are you available this evening? I am downtown
Wrote Michael. at 05.04.19, 23:35:17.
Yu oh available
Wrote at 04.04.19, 17:06:31.
Hm for an hour of you just eating me out
Wrote H at 31.03.19, 21:24:13.
Do you cater to couples ? We like to spend a couple of hours ! What are your rates and services please
Wrote TONY and tara at 26.03.19, 03:40:16.
do you do in call service too?
Wrote lucider at 26.03.19, 02:02:14.
Today ok?
Wrote Koji at 19.03.19, 03:07:55.
R u available now?
Wrote Vijoy at 18.03.19, 19:49:42.
Hello , I am looking for a all night experience with my fiancé .. it is his birthday Mar. 28th. I would need to meet prior as this will be an ongoing friendship if we like each other . I am happy to share pics with u . Talk soon
Wrote at 14.03.19, 12:57:15.
I love your unbelievable ass!
Wrote ANM at 10.03.19, 15:24:23.
Hey are you available?
Wrote Pratik at 04.03.19, 18:33:31.
Are available now?
Wrote Garad at 04.03.19, 06:17:21.
Are you available now? I
Wrote Garad at 04.03.19, 06:16:08.
Are you available now?
Wrote Wilfredo at 03.03.19, 00:10:55.
Hi are u available for a girl only
Wrote Vanessa at 02.03.19, 05:24:57.
Left a message for call me back when get it
Wrote at 25.02.19, 01:07:03.
Do you do incall???
Wrote Steve at 22.02.19, 23:58:06.
Call me back I left a message on your voice mail
Wrote Mohit at 21.02.19, 20:27:02.
Wrote Patrick at 19.02.19, 01:59:23.
Wrote Hi at 18.02.19, 16:41:22.
Are u available now?
Wrote Anthony at 17.02.19, 09:52:57.
Good morning! I would love to meet you today - are you available near the airport around noon?
Wrote Stephanie at 13.02.19, 14:37:09.
Hi are you available next Monday around noon in Mississauga how much go 1 hr thanks
Wrote Peter at 13.02.19, 00:25:56.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:42.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:39.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:39.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:36.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:36.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:36.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:36.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:34.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:34.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:34.
What time today amelia
Wrote Ernesto at 11.02.19, 23:19:30.
Can we link
Wrote Valentino at 10.02.19, 02:27:00.
Wow u re pretty. Can we spend sometime today. Am available morning after or evening. Pls revert Cheers
Wrote at 09.02.19, 12:40:54.
Hi there, I am staying in a downtown hotel. Are you available this evening?
Wrote Jeff at 07.02.19, 14:51:26.
Can I spend some time with you
Wrote Foxy at 03.02.19, 23:51:12.
Is this really u I’ve been disappointed so far tried to get someone who was good looking like u. Cost me 100 to send her away. I’m not a regular guy who does this but I have no time and I was married for 16yrs
Wrote Donato at 03.02.19, 21:59:32.
Wrote Jon at 03.02.19, 10:43:22.
Wrote Jon at 03.02.19, 10:43:08.
How much for my girlfriend and I ?
Wrote Bobby at 02.02.19, 06:29:23.
Are you available for in call
Wrote Joe at 01.02.19, 14:10:46.
Do u do half hours
Wrote Xtx at 01.02.19, 07:39:46.
In call available?
Wrote Peter at 30.01.19, 05:08:42.
Are you available
Wrote Patrick at 29.01.19, 06:44:07.
Is incall aveilable.
Wrote Jimmy at 28.01.19, 19:11:40.
Hi can book ,?
Wrote Sam at 28.01.19, 01:49:06.
Hi can biok a date
Wrote at 28.01.19, 01:48:24.
Hi amelia my name is Chris. I am looking for a escort for the follow date February 21. I hope ya available for a 1hr or 2
Wrote Chris at 27.01.19, 05:49:06.
Wrote at 23.01.19, 18:06:20.
Later what time
Wrote at 23.01.19, 01:51:19.
Any out calls to downtown Toronto
Wrote Joe at 23.01.19, 01:48:13.
Hi hows it going?
Wrote Bratan at 15.01.19, 04:04:03.
Are you available later this evening? Couple
Wrote Sam at 14.01.19, 21:40:21.
We’re you
Wrote Hi at 13.01.19, 21:44:41.
I know its late (or early I guess) any chance you e around
Wrote Alex at 13.01.19, 13:10:04.
are u free tomorrow?
Wrote Hi at 13.01.19, 09:06:39.
Hi, are you available for tonight ?
Wrote Fred at 11.01.19, 02:53:25.
Give me the good price for 2 Hrs
Wrote Ravi shah at 09.01.19, 17:11:57.
Wrote at 07.01.19, 22:29:48.
Wrote Hii at 07.01.19, 22:29:33.
Hey can you come over to my place tonight?
Wrote Jess at 06.01.19, 09:51:56.
RU availabel?
Wrote KR at 06.01.19, 08:14:51.
Now too staying down town Toronto
Wrote at 04.01.19, 08:13:44.
First time in closet too need you to take lead
Wrote at 04.01.19, 08:13:18.
are you available tomorrow or right now ?
Wrote safin at 01.01.19, 10:18:59.
Are you available Wednesday?
Wrote at 01.01.19, 08:20:33.
Hi, are you available today ?
Wrote chris at 31.12.18, 21:46:30.
Hi princess I want to know which area do u come plz
Wrote Jawed at 26.12.18, 00:35:48.
Available today ?
Wrote Bunnyyy at 22.12.18, 19:11:24.
Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Wrote Daddy at 22.12.18, 18:52:35.
i eill lake to see you
Wrote Carlos at 16.12.18, 02:52:34.
You available tomorrow around 10:00 pm
Wrote Joe at 15.12.18, 04:00:05.
Do you come out to Durham region
Wrote Lonnie at 15.12.18, 02:39:49.
Wrote at 10.12.18, 02:05:46.
Are you available for my wifes first girl on girl experience while I watch
Wrote Jeff at 09.12.18, 14:10:40.
Wrote Bain at 07.12.18, 05:04:40.
Hey you look super fine available?
Wrote at 07.12.18, 04:54:06.
Are you available
Wrote Kev at 05.12.18, 07:20:09.
Are you free tonight ?
Wrote Sam at 27.11.18, 05:57:16.
Hello! How much for a couples session? It’s my mans birthday and we are looking for a sexy third that we will both treat so well.
Wrote Amber at 27.11.18, 02:33:26.
Hi there are you available today
Wrote Mike at 21.11.18, 18:47:56.
Hi Available?
Wrote Adam at 21.11.18, 07:25:11.
Are u availabale
Wrote Madi at 19.11.18, 18:28:56.
Hey how r u. Good Scotsman. Handsome.
Wrote Ewan at 16.11.18, 08:56:47.
You available downtown TO tonight
Wrote Doug at 15.11.18, 06:33:33.
Wrote at 15.11.18, 03:35:37.
I’m in the entertainment district.
Wrote Brad at 08.11.18, 05:12:04.
Hi, You close to the entertainment district?
Wrote Brad at 08.11.18, 05:10:24.
Wrote at 07.11.18, 04:22:54.
Hey are you available this evening?
Wrote Dan at 04.11.18, 09:09:39.
Do you do girl?
Wrote Lily at 04.11.18, 07:50:29.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Saif at 03.11.18, 23:47:10.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Saif at 03.11.18, 23:47:10.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Saif at 03.11.18, 23:47:10.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Saif at 03.11.18, 23:47:10.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Saif at 03.11.18, 23:47:10.
Where can we meet?
Wrote Joe at 03.11.18, 16:00:03.
Where can we meet?
Wrote Joe at 03.11.18, 15:59:42.
Hello. Lets make some dreams cone true. Can i please you?
Wrote Er at 01.11.18, 01:16:55.
Are ya around
Wrote Mike at 30.10.18, 09:53:57.
Can you meet tomorrow at 10 o’clock in missisaauga
Wrote at 26.10.18, 02:27:30.
Where can we meet
Wrote Steve at 24.10.18, 03:16:10.
Do you do blowjob
Wrote Liban at 23.10.18, 20:54:15.
Are you available?
Wrote David at 23.10.18, 04:34:19.
Available tonight?
Wrote Scott at 18.10.18, 01:12:04.
Hey whats you availability today ?
Wrote at 13.10.18, 19:12:43.
What is your availability like?
Wrote James at 13.10.18, 07:25:16.
Hi available tonight?
Wrote Jeff at 11.10.18, 02:14:04.
Hi r u free
Wrote Rahul at 09.10.18, 08:36:36.
Wrote at 08.10.18, 13:01:29.
Hi, are you available tonight
Wrote at 07.10.18, 22:12:01.
Hi can we have a good time now and how much for one hour
Wrote Zee at 07.10.18, 07:25:47.
I can offer you 50 CAD if you are available now for 1 hr
Wrote Jim at 04.10.18, 04:54:40.
Free tonight?
Wrote T at 27.09.18, 01:24:25.
Where are you at now? R u free? Am at Mississauga by Edwards
Wrote Mark at 20.09.18, 15:13:13.
Hi where r u? Am at Mississauga by Edwards
Wrote at 20.09.18, 15:11:46.
Wrote Joe at 14.09.18, 22:22:47.
Wrote at 14.09.18, 22:22:38.
Wrote at 14.09.18, 22:22:37.
Wrote Niko at 13.09.18, 06:37:27.
Wrote Niko at 13.09.18, 06:37:03.
How much for 3some
Wrote Sam at 10.09.18, 17:26:41.
You available now?
Wrote Ammaar at 10.09.18, 15:39:04.
call back love
Wrote tobi at 08.09.18, 18:11:16.
Yes Amelia when are you available Do you do incalls or just outcalls
Wrote Ankur at 08.09.18, 04:59:47.
I hav 50. And illorder. Drinks?
Wrote mike at bay bloor at 03.09.18, 09:10:08.
Hey babe do you have time tonight
Wrote at 02.09.18, 03:13:02.
Are you available today
Wrote Vance at 01.09.18, 18:10:03.
Are you available
Wrote Omar at 31.08.18, 12:32:38.
You available now.
Wrote Jean at 29.08.18, 02:34:19.
Hi I will be in Toronto next month are you available
Wrote Alex at 28.08.18, 18:35:18.
Hi I will be in Toronto next month are you available
Wrote Alex at 28.08.18, 18:35:14.
Hi what is your availability like for Wednesday?
Wrote James and Angela at 28.08.18, 01:13:44.
Yes Amelia when are you available Do you do incalls or just outcalls
Wrote Carlo at 25.08.18, 02:20:51.
Can I book an appointment tomorrow?
Wrote Harry at 23.08.18, 02:57:46.
Hey you free tonight??
Wrote at 20.08.18, 03:48:11.
Are you available now , if you available pls contract with me
Wrote Uz at 20.08.18, 03:05:05.
Are you available tomorrow afternoon?
Wrote Sarah at 19.08.18, 21:08:34.
Your available?
Wrote Hi at 18.08.18, 11:18:30.
Are you avail this eve 10pm ?
Wrote Mick at 17.08.18, 19:42:43.
Wrote at 15.08.18, 22:43:20.
Hi available?
Wrote Paul at 14.08.18, 10:07:51.
Wrote Papa at 12.08.18, 21:20:07.
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i wanna have you for a couple of hours next sunday
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Bonjour tu es libre
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You available ?
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Are you bezzy
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I want to book u for this Saturday night. I am alone. Pls let em know charges for one night !! Much love.
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I want to book u for this Saturday night. I am alone. Pls let em know charges for one night !! Much love.
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Are you available tonight at 11:00pm Vaughan ?
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Hey hun
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Hey hun
Wrote Alex at 23.07.18, 06:47:10.
available for this evening? High Park area. Thank you
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Can u come to Ajax?
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Hey there pretty lady.. were a couple, engaged, my fantasy is to have my fiancee watch us play together and makes eachother feel good and be naughty, first time
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Rim you for 1 hour
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Rim you for 1 hour
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Can i see you tonigth
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Hi bae
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Working tonight
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Outcalls ?
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Bref your prencence
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Hi I need a beautiful girl
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When r u available
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When r u available
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Hi there, I would like to meet for a discreet date. Do you take incalls as I would have to come to you.
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I am staying at sheratonat queens Av
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How quick can you get to the Chelsea hotel in downtown Toronto?
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Hy bb ! Are you av for outcall?
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Do you have a Snapchat beautiful
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30 mins 50$?
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30 mins 50$?
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25 years young, hit me up
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25 years young, hit me up
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25 years young , dropped on your line, come over
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Are you available tomorrow evening
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Are u avalible in Oshawa before 6 me n my gf were 25 good looking lol we wna have fun !
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Do u work overnight
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Hey are you available tonight
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Hey - would like to see you. Do you do in call or out call..let me know.
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hi u available now?
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How are u
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would you come to brampton. also curious to if you are party friendly this is not and issue however if not.
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U available for an hour session
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you available for an hour session
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Are you available for company
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Book appointments
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Yea bb
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Hi bb are you available right now
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You avqilabe ?
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R u available for strapon
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R you available for strapon
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Hello Amelia. How are you? this is Raul in Toronto.
Wrote Raul at 10.05.18, 16:12:06.
Wrote at 10.05.18, 12:49:55.
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Hey love, are you available to come over? Id love to have you over
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Are you available Late Friday night
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Arriving in Toronto from Calgary late Friday night Older professional Irish gent
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Hi can you wear nice miniskirt
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Hey hi
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Wrote Yo at 06.05.18, 02:21:40.
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Hi r u available for hh?
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Hey my wife wants u. First.time. 25 yr old. Can u out
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Hey..u good for now
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HI how much for anal
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Hi there, are u available now
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Are you available today
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Are you available now.
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Can I have you wearing full size stockings ?
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Doyou have in call
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