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/ Marna and Aileen

Call girl Marna and Aileen, +1 (416) 875-1398

Marna and Aileen
Toronto, Vaughan
+1 (416) 875-1398On duty
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
prostitute Marna and Aileen

Marna and Aileen, adult photo

female escorts Marna and Aileen (Toronto)

escort Marna and Aileen (Toronto)

Marna and Aileen, photo

Toronto escorts Marna and Aileen (Toronto), +1 (416) 875-1398

picture Marna and Aileen (incall)

Age: 22
Height: 162
Weight: 50
Bust Size: Small

Nationality: Singaporean

1 hour: 150
2 hours:
All night:
Outcall: no
Marna is a hot Singaporean girl, 23 y.o with bust size 35c. She’s nice and very energetic, always ready for fun. She loves to please a man and she has a very friendly personality. Marna is a Singaporean girl with long legs and slim body. Aileen is a 22-year old, with very friendly attitude. She is a perfect female companion ready to meet anytime. Aileen is a top model with a slim body and long dark hair. She’s very positive and easy-going. Both girls are friendly to ladies and gentlemen and do all kinds of sex. Call them for lesbian experience or gang bang. Tel: (416-875-1398)

Time to call: 10:00 — 20:00

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Last update: 04.10.17
Ad number: 111630

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Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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Wrote Hileri at 01.02.23, 03:16:12.
Hello sweetheart
Wrote Hileri at 01.02.23, 03:15:21.
Do you want sex? ? Write here - -
Wrote at 31.01.23, 01:50:08.
Nice ad ????! Where is your in call location? What is major intersection?
Wrote Phil at 22.01.23, 01:23:35.
Where are you located
Wrote Kevin at 05.01.23, 02:07:03.
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Where ru located?
Wrote at 31.12.22, 20:42:52.
Hi , Are you available today?
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Are you free?
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I want you now at minimum 1hour
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Hi this is Eric how are you doing I need to meet you what is your address
Wrote Eric at 17.12.22, 21:12:45.
R ladies free late afternoon tomorrow (Monday)?
Wrote John at 11.12.22, 21:01:03.
Needed for one hour,
Wrote Shahil Baniya at 10.12.22, 01:32:16.
Hi sexy - let’s get together
Wrote John at 02.12.22, 15:17:31.
I texted you and your replied came back , this is not your website, please confirm.
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Are you free
Wrote Emad at 02.12.22, 04:13:04.
Are you currently available
Wrote Emad at 02.12.22, 04:12:43.
Sex on Sun or Mon nov 27 or 28?
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Is the price listed for both of you or just one? Thanks.
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What are your rates for coming to my place?
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Hi can we meet today
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Wrote Inder at 06.09.22, 16:57:45.
Hi! Does the price includes both of you? What pay methods you accept?
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Hi sweetie Please inform me rates and d location
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What are your rates and location?
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Are you free
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What is your rates and location?
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Are u two up for a threesome
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Are you both up for threesome?
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Where do you located
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Where are you located
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Do you service woman sexually
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Do you service woman sexually ?
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Are you available right now
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Where is your location
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Where are you located
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where are you located
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R u free tonight
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You available tomorrow morning? For 1 hr
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Hey where is your location?
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Up for a jacuzzi tonight . Airport sandman top floor?
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Hey I would like to get you tonight for me and my boyfrnd.
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R u close to marllee and Lawrence? You ladies are breathtaking, I can only hope its both of you. Ill be waiting for a text ☺️
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Are you available tomorrow
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R u close to st Clair VP SCARB area. Pix r sexy and all.pix are stuffing alone it is an exciting thought that too quick. So.1.5o for well enough it its an erupting temptation?.Just up n down aka 88/69 + stuff n puff ?
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r you free now
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Are you available today and where are you located
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whats up
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Hi where is you address
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Hi where is your location
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Are you available today?
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Hi where is your location
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Are you available today?
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Are you available now
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Hello, are you available now?
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Hi Are you available tomorrow
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Hi Im looking please call
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You available tonight
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Hi Im looking please call
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Indian gentleman. Late fifties. Very clean and respectful. Please send your height, weight, location and rate. Thank you.
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Would you be available later today
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Hi. Where is your location?
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Hi. Where is your location?
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I free
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Are U free
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Are u free tonight ?
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Are you available tonight ?
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Where are you located
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Hey where can we meet
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wanna fuck soon
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Are you girls available tonight?
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Hey available for a date
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Are you available still tonight
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Where are you located?
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Is Marna available for a couple of hours? If so where are you located?
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Hi, I would love to see you, what area are you located in?
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Are u available now and if so whats ur address
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Are u available now and if so whats ur address
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Are you both available this week. Its my mans birthday coming up and I would like to do a gang band with the both of you and us two. How much for 2hr?? And where are you located for the fun??
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Are you both available?
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Hey are you available tonight?
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Are you available still tonight
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Are you available
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Can you come to my place its near
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You are availeble
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i wanna fuck u
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i wanna fuck u
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I wanna fuck you
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I’m a female felm Toronto . How do I contact you
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Hi I’m a female from Toronto. How do I contact you
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How much for all night for each or both? Women must be very open I like to please and no what u want and like. Also u must enjoy oral as I enjoy doing it. I am clean and don sleep around. Im also not a fan of condoms I hope that isn a problem
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R u available now and if so whats ur address
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Are u available now and if so whats ur address
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Hi are you available
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Want to hook up
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Want to hook up
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Sweetheart I love to have appointment with you for 10:30am I love anal sex
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WIll they still be there at the end of September5?
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I would like to come can I get you location
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I would like to com cani get your location
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Are you both available this weekend
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Are you good with a couple husband wife. To please my wife with massage and strapon
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how about this week?
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Are you ladies available?
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Are you both available tonight for a blowjob?
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Ha are u still up
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Hi want to hookup
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Are you both available now and if so how much?
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Are you gals available late afternoon or early evening today for a threesome
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Are you available now?
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Are you available now
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Are you available now!
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Come to me
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Are u available
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Hey babe How are you What is your rates for incall
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Are you available tomorrow and where is your location?
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Are u working today
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Come to me
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Are u available today?
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I want you bith
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Hi are u available?
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Wrote PETER WASYLKIW at 28.05.21, 06:34:35.
Wrote PETER WASYLKIW at 28.05.21, 06:34:25.
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Hi. Where is your location?
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What r u rates?
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are u working today?
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Text me
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Hi my wife and I r willing to try a 3some and we don know how to start can u help
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Hey is it possible to meet you in my place?
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Where u location
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Do you have what’s up
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Call me
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You can see my house
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I called you now
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This is Arsham
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My name is Arsham
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Hello are you available now?
Wrote at 28.04.21, 08:54:05.
Hi I would love to see Marina tomorrow morning if she is available. Can you please text me back?
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Available today
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R u available tonight
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Looking for a girl for 2. Price and picture
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Are u available now ?
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Are you available today?
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Where are you located
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Do you do 4some with husband and wife?
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Do you do 4 some with husband and wife?
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Where do you work
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You work were
Wrote Marcio Alves at 18.03.21, 15:21:06.
Available still
Wrote James at 10.03.21, 09:39:35.
Hello is marna available tonight?
Wrote John at 06.03.21, 04:50:01.
Hello, location please
Wrote John at 06.03.21, 04:48:03.
Hello where are you located?
Wrote John at 06.03.21, 04:47:11.
1 hours monte carlo inns
Wrote ok at 02.03.21, 03:29:34.
Would love to connect with Marina does she do outcalls ?
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Do you do threesomes husband and wife
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Wrote at 25.02.21, 20:37:46.
Hi there when you available
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I would be interested in meeting with you. I live in Thornhill. Please call me or text me at 416 967 1717 Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Good morning how are you doing looking for someone today
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Where are you located
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Are you available
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Are you available for me to lick your pussy
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Wrote Darren at 06.02.21, 21:38:13.
Are you available tonight?
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Hi are you available?
Wrote at 22.01.21, 03:47:01.
Wrote at 22.01.21, 03:46:35.
Hi are you available?
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Hi are you available downtown Toronto today?
Wrote Jude at 04.01.21, 20:29:30.
Wrote at 18.12.20, 16:29:31.
Hi good morning
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Are you close to north York and do you do anal sex?
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Are you available?
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Are you available
Wrote at 12.12.20, 03:00:24.
How are you
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Are you available
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Wrote John at 29.11.20, 08:15:11.
May I know where you are located. I would be coming from Newmarket
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Are you available for anal?
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May I know where approximately you are? Want to see if it is not too far from me.
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Do you do anal sex
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Available today?
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Sex tomorrow
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I love you i need you com in f 5 houre
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Lets chill sexy
Wrote derek at 06.11.20, 06:08:38.
Im back in the city for a few months. Looking for a occasional but consistent friend(s) while Im here. Pls text / call asap. I like what I see but Im in a rush to set something up. Thanks X X
Wrote Kal at 04.11.20, 12:12:19.
Are you available today in Etobicoke ?
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Wrote at 29.10.20, 02:49:41.
Are you available tonight
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Wrote at 28.10.20, 23:02:42.
Wrote Jay at 25.10.20, 20:02:33.
Are you two available ton8ght
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Looking for lesbian sex for Friday in mississauga aileen
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Can we make it this weekend at you place?
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Hey like to play with you
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Hi where is your adress?
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Where are you located
Wrote at 20.09.20, 02:01:28.
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Hi where is your adress
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Are you free now
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You down to meet in a half hour or so ... I wasn’t playing almost done here
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I want to book both of you for 2 hrs outcall in Mississauga. Can we make this happen?
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i am at vaughan . Need a young white chick near me
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i want to fuck for 80
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hey you.there
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Hi Im in Pickering Ontario looking for sex under 200$
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Need to eat 2 young girls
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60yr old wants to eat 2 girls all night Name price
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Hello are you available tonight
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Hi ladies Your beautiful my birthday is coming up and my all time fantasy is a thresome Are u available tomorrow and what is your rate Thank u
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Wrote at 04.07.20, 21:42:30.
Whats the rate for full service? Your availablity? Thanks
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Wrote Jerry at 19.06.20, 15:44:00.
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Are u able to come to my hotel right now
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Are u available
Wrote Andreas at 15.06.20, 12:57:02.
Wrote lj at 11.06.20, 05:10:56.
Are you free
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Hello where are you located?
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Wrote at 26.05.20, 03:38:00.
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Are you available for in call
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Wrote Prince at 23.05.20, 21:46:44.
Wrote brandon at 22.05.20, 22:20:23.
Wrote at 22.05.20, 22:19:35.
Hi r u working
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How much for both..2 hr outcall..Vaughan?
Wrote at 18.05.20, 20:21:56.
How much for marna and Aileen
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Hi r u working
Wrote Lucky at 12.02.20, 17:40:01.
how much for duo one hour?
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Hi there
Wrote at 27.01.20, 03:39:35.
Hi there
Wrote at 27.01.20, 03:39:33.
What services are available for $150?
Wrote Brian at 13.01.20, 06:40:50.
150 each?
Wrote at 11.01.20, 07:39:34.
R u free?
Wrote at 09.01.20, 06:50:03.
Hi how are you very beautiful Do you have anal seks
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Whats your location
Wrote at 29.12.19, 06:58:38.
You girls available friday night
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Im at Westin 1 harbor square. Are you available today? 770.595.9123
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Today available?
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Are you girls available ?
Wrote D at 13.12.19, 15:40:28.
available for an outcall in markham?
Wrote Jay at 10.11.19, 06:38:09.
Is that 150 each
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Where are you located?
Wrote Rob at 07.10.19, 03:34:38.
Hey hows Tuesday evening looking for you?
Wrote Monti at 30.09.19, 02:39:15.
Available today
Wrote Saravanan at 20.09.19, 23:16:13.
Today available?
Wrote Saravanan at 20.09.19, 23:07:56.
Is the price for 1 or both
Wrote Bob at 19.09.19, 23:22:16.
I would love to meet both of you on Wednesday around noon near the Toronto airport
Wrote nick at 16.09.19, 06:44:39.
Where you located ?
Wrote Jason at 14.09.19, 02:58:17.
Do you BB?
Wrote at 12.09.19, 01:12:24.
Price for an hour
Wrote at 07.09.19, 11:46:02.
Hi, are either of you down for an incall tonight Let me know availability and rough idea where you are located????????????????
Wrote Michael Gray at 05.09.19, 03:09:22.
How long to keele / 401
Wrote at 01.09.19, 06:10:44.
Hi girls, are you available tomorrow night? Thanks
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Are you available for incall?
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U there
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Hi Ladies, I wonder if you might be available Monday evening? I am downtown Toronto. If you don do outcall, un which part of the city are you? I would be interested in the two of you for a couple hours. Thanks, Rob
Wrote Rob at 29.08.19, 23:53:14.
Are you available today
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Seen you available today?
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Where are you located?
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Where are you located? What is the price for an hour?
Wrote at 21.08.19, 23:56:30.
When r u free?
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where is you location
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Hi Where is your location?
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Hi Where is your location?
Wrote Artur at 16.08.19, 13:59:15.
Where is your location
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Where is your location?
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Hi location pls
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Where is your location?
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Where are you located
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Hi there, I’m really interested in hiring you. What are your fees per hour? It would be for myself only. A night out some girl fun ☺️
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Hi ladies. Do you have incall? I’d like to come tomorrow.
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Hi when u have time
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Where are you located
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How much for half hour
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Where are you?
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Hello Do you have girls for threesome. May we see them on your website to select and how much . Our location is Bradford
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How much bj
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How much bj
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What’s your location
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You and your friend down for me and my friend
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You available now
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Looking for some threesome fun When can we do this
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Whats your location
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U available tonite after 11pm for outcall to holiday express
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Both girls
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Ru available today?
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How much for half an hour
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How much for half an hour..?
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You girls available
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Are you girls available today
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Where is your location
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Are you ladies available for my friends bday celebration?
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I want to meet you for 1hour can we meet
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Are u available?
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are u available?
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3 guys looking for fun how much
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Do you travel to Milton
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Can u com
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One hour couple shots howmuch?
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Hey are you good for an hour?
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On Saturday night be in Toronto wanna bang u up ok
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How much is it for both of you ladies?
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Hi...looking for an hour of fun...Royal. York this eve..
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Are you availablethis eve..Royal York hotel..1 hours
Wrote David at 30.04.19, 04:54:44.
are you available
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Do you have a place to meet
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Is the 150 an hour for both girls ? Are they available now?
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Hi..are you available now?
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Available near airport tonight
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Available near airport tonight
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Change the price 400$ for 2 girls, 1 hr cash, not 150 1 hr
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Where are you located babe
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Do you take facials, swallow?
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You and your friend available
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Hi are you available today
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Hi can you come richmond hill!?
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Lovely! Bother girls overnight this Friday? Details and I would be happy to entertain! Thanks. Cheers, Ben
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Hello nice to meet you. Are you available now and close to the airport?
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Whats your email?
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Are tough available tonight gorgeous? Would you like to meet up and explore each other. I’ll eat that right pussy real good
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Hi are you available for me im a girl
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Hey can I lick your pussy
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Hey can I lick your pussy
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Do you do females
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What’s your location
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Where are you located for me to come to you? Im downtown...
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how much for duo for 1 hour?
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Available tonight?
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Can you come Brampton and what will be charge
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Here is your location in Toronto
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Do you want to come to my place in Richmond hill
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Hello where is your location I like to see you
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Wrote Vahan at 01.02.19, 19:55:59.
I want to know if you are available for the weekend
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Wrote at 26.01.19, 06:34:04.
Where are you
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Where are you located?
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Where are you located
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Jow much for hh
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I would like a duo, how much would that be for an hour? Send me an email
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Hi, are you available for tonite? Male 30 caucasian
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Are you available at dundas and Bathurst. And so you take credit cards
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Please update your ad to say you only provide outcall services now as you told me over the phone today. Thanks.
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Hello good morning
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I wanna smash your pussy.
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33sheppard ave E
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Yes we are available tonight
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Hi Are you and your friend ready to come to our house tonight? I am with my friend here.
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Hello. Can you please let me know if you are available tonight. I am at 30 denton avenue. M1l4P2
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Hi Buitful Merry Christmas l wanna give you some triple XXX maske you do in calls whats your Address l wanna set an appointment with you sweet checks.
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Busy this weekend
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Available this week??
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Where are u located?
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Where abouts are you located
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Hi : are you available now?
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Hi are you available now
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1 night stand
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I am interested. Your address, please. screwmaestro at gmail
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Do you enjoy anal
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Please take my email out I forgot that avereone are able to se it thanks dear
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Hi how you doing whats your location o wanna do you.
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Are you near Scarborough?
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When are you available?
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Available today? 11am-2pm?
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Ate you available today for 2 hours?
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Married couple looking for this. How much?
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You available
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You auailable
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You in the GTA
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Where are you bout in the GTA
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Are you available for the next hour
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Are you available in the next hour?
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Was curious about location and if 150 was for duo? If not how much for both?
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Looking for two girl lingerie show
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Two girls available tonigh
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Wears a couple looking for some sexy fun. Would we come to you or will you come to us?
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Can u do a out all tn?
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Can you both do lesbian show? how much
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Blow job only how much
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Hi ladies,I,m Jade a very attractive 29 yr old female in the area the weekend of Oct 20th. I am looking for a lesbian encounter and never thought of two ladies till I seen your ad. That sounds so hot to me. Discretion is a must, please advise.. Jade
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Are you available tomorrow and do you have a place of your own? If do what time can you meet?
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Im the one who call i need incall
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Are you available now
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How much for over night do would you lick my ass.
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Hello are you available
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Plz send u address
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Plz send u address
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Hi are you available to night?
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Is that 150 for both of you at the same time ?
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Are you free before before 9pm tn
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Hi sorry my Language it’s not good if I need to come to you you have a place and what’s the time I can come
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Where is your location?
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Heyy u free tonight
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Are you available tonight
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hi are you available tonight?
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hi are you available tonight?
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Where u located
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Available tonight ?
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need girl for threesome
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Hi you free
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Can you do lesbian together or with my wife ?
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Hi babe do you have time tonight
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6o my place?
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Hi babe do you have time tonight?
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What’s your location and are you available now
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How much for the two of you for one hour and do you wear stockings
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How much for the two of you for one hour and do you wear stockings
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Can i get address?
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You come up to me or I have to come on you
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You come up to me or I have to come on you
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You come up to me or I have to come on you
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Hi Were you will be tinight
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Here in Etobicoke u?
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Where you tonight
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Im. In vaghan .. where you
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What’s your location?? I’m in downtown area , married couples looking for fun
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Are you anywhere near Oshawa?
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Hi are you and a friend free tonight for an out call ?
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Hi are you good to go
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Me and my fiaancee
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Are you free tonight?
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Hi there, Would you come to my house? If yes, how much? If no where is your location? TNX
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Will you come to my house
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Hey sexy how u doin would you be interested in a good time with me and my husband
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Where can we meet
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Where can we meet
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How much for 5 hours near airport in Toronto
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She not the energetic and fun, also she leave after one shot. even within one hour aa rate, be aware if you need real fun and enjoyment.
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Hi are you available and how much for both girls
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How much for both girls at sametime?
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Are you available in Mississauga
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Will you be available Thursday evening?
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Where can you meet
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Im in hamilton ontario can I have 2 girls early Tuesday morning
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Email me if you are available today
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Meet nkw in mississaauga for anal? Its my bday thc.
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I’m located in a High Park home. Passing through on business Looking for 2 hours Thank you Riley
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Hi, where you located?
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Available now
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Hey does the rate include Greek
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I good
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Is the price for both?
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Is the price for the both of you? Or is it $150 each for the hour?
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Hi are you available? Do you do in calls and what area
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Hi are you available?
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Do you do in calls and what area
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R u available now for 1 h
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Hi baby
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How much for the full night
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Are you available?
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How much 2 girls 1 hour,,everything included,,bbbj,facial on bouth,vim swapping,etc,,,I want full side stockings,
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Where are you located
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Hey can u come out and see me and my boyfriend
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How much for one hour. Where are you located?
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Where are u located and how many shots allowed in 1 hour?
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Where are you located
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Are you available ?
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You available tomorrow in Brampton?
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Hi! you e available for this saturday evening? I will love meet with you!
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You free with a friend
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You free and have a friend?
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Hello are you available tonight
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Hey are you available
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Hi Im in markham and looking
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available this week?
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Where are you located
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Hey does the rate include Greek
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Hi . Im in need of a threesome with my hubby. 25yr old. out?
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How many times
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Are you available? From south ga. Last night. See you soon?
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Are you available? From south ga. Last night. See you soon?
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Where is your location??
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How much extra for Greek on both of you ?
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Hi babe, i am looking for lesbian action
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Hi Is your hourly price allinclusive or for services like Greek you ask for Extra?
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Advertising on our website