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Best Toronto escort service.
Call girls in Toronto.
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/ Cindy

Cindy, +1 (669) 257 0475

Toronto, Brantford
+1 (669) 257 0475Archive
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Sex massage for the sex Toronto — Cindy, 29 age

Cindy, ad on

photos Cindy

Cindy, +1 (669) 257 0475

Age: 29
Height: 165
Weight: 52
Bust Size: Small

Nationality: Canadian

1 hour: 185
2 hours: 320
All night:
Outcall: yes

Time to call: 10:00 — 00:00

Registration date: 03.04.19
Last update: 03.04.19
Ad number: 342409, ad is inactive

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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Hey r u available
Wrote Kab at 04.04.21, 04:08:44.
Hey are you available tomorrow?
Wrote Jason at 01.04.21, 18:56:06.
Ya your goodz. You like to party with a couple classy guys rich Forest Hill white dudes. Embrace hot proper putas like you
Wrote at 28.03.21, 15:54:12.
Haw mach is it
Wrote Adam at 28.03.21, 07:41:34.
Hey staying at a 5 star downtown hit me up if you’re on for tonight
Wrote at 13.03.21, 16:11:51.
2 hours monte carlo inns gelirmisin
Wrote ok at 02.03.21, 03:20:03.
Hey are you available for me
Wrote at 01.03.21, 01:20:59.
hi are you in the Toronto GTA your is not working how do i book you?
Wrote Michael at 25.02.21, 14:42:36.
Is that really you in the photos. If yes, then i would like an overnight.
Wrote Sunny at 24.02.21, 17:42:36.
Around tomorrow afternoon?
Wrote Stuart at 21.02.21, 20:07:55.
Hello Are you available?
Wrote Joe at 21.02.21, 02:00:54.
Up for today?
Wrote at 14.02.21, 17:06:51.
Wrote at 13.02.21, 17:19:50.
Wrote at 13.02.21, 17:19:41.
Hey, are you available for Valentine’s Day, and what are off-limits for you?
Wrote Julien at 13.02.21, 06:39:59.
Wrote Vlad at 04.02.21, 16:31:12.
Wrote at 04.02.21, 16:30:13.
Good day wondering if your in brampton area
Wrote at 01.02.21, 18:32:18.
Hi, you look good. I want you to come over for an outcall tonight. Are you available? Email money transfers accepted?
Wrote Jody at 27.01.21, 23:14:54.
Wrote at 14.01.21, 01:59:53.
Wrote He at 09.01.21, 22:28:25.
Hi you look good I want you to come over for a outcall are you available tonight
Wrote Walker at 08.01.21, 23:41:36.
Wrote Joe at 08.01.21, 03:47:19.
Hi how are you
Wrote Joe at 08.01.21, 03:33:50.
Do you receive golden?
Wrote at 07.01.21, 00:59:07.
Fat big bick
Wrote Willy at 28.12.20, 05:02:17.
Fuck me
Wrote Willy at 28.12.20, 05:00:44.
What is your location
Wrote Kevin at 27.12.20, 22:54:04.
Can we meet tomorrow
Wrote Silvio at 24.12.20, 22:16:21.
Hi How are you
Wrote Silvio at 24.12.20, 22:16:00.
Wrote Silva at 23.12.20, 17:41:57.
Can we meet tomorrow?
Wrote Sean at 23.12.20, 03:56:12.
Hi are you available
Wrote Anthony at 22.12.20, 05:49:27.
Wrote Bau at 19.12.20, 13:33:24.
Wrote tim at 19.12.20, 04:01:29.
Can you come tonight 1hour
Wrote Jay at 16.12.20, 22:14:25.
Are you available
Wrote at 12.12.20, 02:53:22.
Hi - are u availabake?
Wrote Chris at 16.11.20, 05:34:42.
Hi baby are you available today
Wrote at 12.11.20, 17:05:52.
You busy
Wrote James at 03.11.20, 21:01:46.
Are you free now
Wrote Garo at 03.11.20, 02:07:22.
Hello lovely, I hope all is well and I am interested so you available to meet in Burlington or what is best?
Wrote Drake at 10.09.20, 10:05:09.
Do you take debit and are you available now
Wrote Earl at 06.09.20, 04:10:24.
Are you available in Mississauga?
Wrote benny at 01.09.20, 01:57:13.
R u in Markham?
Wrote at 09.08.20, 07:47:36.
are you available anytime for Incalls ?
Wrote michael at 03.08.20, 22:02:56.
R u available for incall?
Wrote Colin at 30.07.20, 14:01:50.
You busy tonight, Cindy?
Wrote Colin at 30.07.20, 00:55:59.
Wrote at 19.07.20, 04:17:54.
Wrote Eq at 19.07.20, 04:17:42.
Hey beautiful, are you around tonight?
Wrote Nick at 14.07.20, 03:52:20.
Are you free now?
Wrote Majid at 12.07.20, 03:49:19.
Are you free now ?
Wrote Ammar at 05.07.20, 12:23:41.
Will you take a spanking?
Wrote at 24.06.20, 17:15:19.
How can I reach you
Wrote James at 21.06.20, 04:31:34.
How do I get ahold of you to talk
Wrote at 12.06.20, 08:35:46.
hey are you available for outcall?
Wrote at 09.06.20, 18:14:37.
Hey, are you available?
Wrote Nick at 06.06.20, 11:16:32.
Wrote at 05.06.20, 04:02:13.
Are you available for Friday morning 11.00 am.
Wrote Larry at 04.06.20, 18:57:48.
drop bye if u can
Wrote Christopher at 04.06.20, 02:23:20.
Are you available this morning? I can host or travel.
Wrote Rob. at 31.05.20, 13:13:58.
Are you available tonight
Wrote Sean at 28.05.20, 19:29:43.
Are you available for 1 hour?
Wrote Nathan at 24.05.20, 15:34:34.
Hey cutie, do you do making out/kissing as well?
Wrote Victor at 24.03.20, 12:15:56.
Are you available for an hour in the yonge Eglinton area. Outcall and ive been partying a little
Wrote Mike at 14.03.20, 04:45:56.
Hi. Where are you located? Are you up for outcall?
Wrote Ravi at 29.02.20, 03:58:15.
Hi, where u live?
Wrote at 20.02.20, 17:40:04.
Hi. Are you available in entertainment district
Wrote Adhi at 17.01.20, 23:42:04.
Are you available?
Wrote Jaycee at 26.12.19, 13:00:13.
Hey are you free too come hangout at my hotel near the airport
Wrote Austin at 24.12.19, 01:59:23.
Hi hun looking to host in brampton now looking for strip show and strap on play. 1hr. Plus looking for snow too.
Wrote Ron at 23.12.19, 08:34:56.
Hi Cindy, beautiful pics. Would you be available Thursday evening? Outcall?
Wrote Jd at 16.12.19, 10:26:46.
Hi Cindy, beautiful pics! Would you be available Thursday evening. Outcall?
Wrote Jd at 16.12.19, 10:25:30.
Are you free tonight? And are your pictures real?
Wrote Doni at 14.12.19, 23:20:03.
Wrote Rob at 13.12.19, 08:10:23.
Are you available
Wrote Dinesh at 12.12.19, 03:27:31.
Are Available tonight?
Wrote at 11.12.19, 22:21:32.
Love to meet u cindy ????
Wrote Michael at 08.11.19, 03:03:14.
Hey good morning, can you come soon. 140 Westhampton dr
Wrote at 27.10.19, 13:30:25.
you working in
Wrote gio at 23.10.19, 18:57:52.
hi with days you available?
Wrote gio at 23.10.19, 18:57:17.
Hello how about tomorrow
Wrote Vit at 18.10.19, 17:17:39.
Wrote Are you available this morning at 18.10.19, 13:47:54.
Are u free
Wrote Leo at 13.10.19, 21:56:16.
You available to host now?
Wrote Will at 08.10.19, 20:32:21.
What’s going on?
Wrote Chubbz at 05.10.19, 06:05:19.
Hi, are you available tonight at 8pm Hilton Hotel at Richmond St West?
Wrote Peter Lee at 02.10.19, 13:51:02.
Are you available?
Wrote Ryon at 30.09.19, 06:31:10.
Hottest girl is you girl.
Wrote Jonah at 29.09.19, 15:16:47.
Available today?
Wrote Farid at 22.09.19, 13:57:42.
Are u available?
Wrote J at 22.09.19, 10:16:58.
You free?
Wrote Kyle at 21.09.19, 03:28:20.
You free?
Wrote Kyle at 21.09.19, 03:27:38.
hi are you free ?
Wrote marek at 20.09.19, 17:01:30.
Are you available near the entertainment distric?
Wrote at 18.09.19, 17:45:39.
You are beautiful i. like you
Wrote Raj at 16.09.19, 05:50:14.
Where downtown is your location near
Wrote Paul at 15.09.19, 04:27:28.
Wrote Ad at 14.09.19, 01:38:44.
Wow! Now
Wrote at 05.09.19, 22:22:49.
hi are you available now
Wrote at 03.09.19, 05:23:21.
Hi I really like your pics are you available right now I’d love for you to come over
Wrote Steve at 02.09.19, 05:57:57.
hi..are u available for sunday afternoon?...around 6?
Wrote mike at 01.09.19, 05:02:01.
What about today?
Wrote Kanny at 31.08.19, 21:04:42.
Hı...when you are available?
Wrote Henry at 31.08.19, 05:21:03.
Hi Cindy, are you available for tonight at shepprd and bayview??
Wrote Kris at 30.08.19, 19:55:48.
Hi this would be my first time trying this out and don’t wanna miss the chance to try it with u
Wrote JR Maramo at 28.08.19, 11:42:50.
How do we meet up ?
Wrote FP at 25.08.19, 04:15:30.
Wrote Hi at 21.08.19, 23:31:17.
Are you working tonight
Wrote Jeff at 20.08.19, 00:36:52.
Hi Im from New Zealand in Toronto for business. Are you around tonight?
Wrote Henry at 18.08.19, 02:06:36.
Hey baby are you available for some fun tonight?
Wrote Leo at 18.08.19, 02:05:39.
Are you downtown. Will be there after 10 pm. Let meknow.
Wrote Barry at 16.08.19, 22:45:34.
Are you available today
Wrote Mike at 09.08.19, 14:48:10.
Call me
Wrote Yogi at 06.08.19, 02:56:50.
Call me
Wrote Jason at 04.08.19, 22:56:29.
Hi 2 hrs..
Wrote Paul at 03.08.19, 04:29:57.
Wrote Toots at 02.08.19, 19:54:30.
Wrote Toots at 02.08.19, 19:53:58.
Still awake?
Wrote at 28.07.19, 09:17:50.
Wrote at 28.07.19, 09:17:03.
Wrote Kumar at 27.07.19, 23:12:38.
Wrote at 27.07.19, 23:12:12.
Wrote at 27.07.19, 15:39:09.
Are you available right now...
Wrote at 25.07.19, 15:37:16.
Wrote at 25.07.19, 15:36:48.
Hey are you available now?
Wrote Ahmed at 24.07.19, 19:07:30.
Hey are you available on wed
Wrote kabir at 23.07.19, 06:57:42.
so you have ana email
Wrote mionie at 11.07.19, 14:29:44.
R u free next friday?
Wrote Jason kim at 11.07.19, 04:46:49.
Wrote at 04.07.19, 01:31:28.
Do you have Whatsapp?
Wrote CAMILO at 27.06.19, 01:57:29.
You available now?
Wrote Steve at 26.06.19, 05:09:30.
where are you in toronto
Wrote rick at 26.06.19, 02:54:28.
Hello Cindy, How are you today? How much is overnight visiting if that option is available at all? Let me know. Thank You very much. Signed, Denzil!
Wrote Denzil at 10.06.19, 00:34:22.
You available tonight?
Wrote Wes at 09.06.19, 03:14:30.
You take credit cards or etransfer?
Wrote Roger at 08.06.19, 14:11:10.
In town on business and staying in the Vaughan area, are you available Saturday or Sunday evening?
Wrote Jay at 31.05.19, 21:23:49.
Hello, are you available tomorrow evening for 1 hour? I am living DT at the festival tower
Wrote Vince at 31.05.19, 06:22:02.
Hi Cindy: I’ll be in Toronto two weeks from now. Will U still be in Toronto? Like to meet u.
Wrote Rae at 31.05.19, 01:20:45.
R u in Toronto and r u availab
Wrote Warrior at 26.05.19, 05:06:47.
Hi, we are downtown are you free? For a couple? Married, were trying this! My wife likes girls, and interested in profile!
Wrote Husband and wife at 25.05.19, 10:33:26.
Can you come for a couple hours?
Wrote Will at 25.05.19, 08:06:09.
Available for 2 hours?
Wrote Will at 25.05.19, 07:58:27.
K Hey
Wrote Tom at 24.05.19, 23:39:15.
Wrote Don at 23.05.19, 16:32:20.
Wrote at 23.05.19, 16:31:50.
Hey babe
Wrote at 21.05.19, 03:20:18.
Are you free today
Wrote at 19.05.19, 21:04:26.
Wrote at 19.05.19, 21:04:18.
Hi. Can you host? Where are you?
Wrote Joe at 18.05.19, 23:34:59.
Can you come today
Wrote christian v at 18.05.19, 02:30:18.
Hi Cindy. What part of the city are you in?
Wrote Sam at 14.05.19, 19:29:49.
Wrote Dav at 13.05.19, 05:43:25.
Where are you located?
Wrote Serge at 08.05.19, 05:04:12.
Hi honey
Wrote Asli at 04.05.19, 03:49:17.
Wrote K at 03.05.19, 23:48:08.
Hi Are you available tomorrow?
Wrote Gonzalo Vera De La Barra at 02.05.19, 23:30:00.
Are u free
Wrote Rob at 02.05.19, 01:01:59.
Hey sweetheart
Wrote at 02.05.19, 01:01:16.
Hi r u available for out call tonight
Wrote at 29.04.19, 23:15:47.
When are u available?
Wrote Tes at 26.04.19, 02:26:51.
Hi honey it real picture if yes I am coming for 1 hr
Wrote at 23.04.19, 11:15:39.
What you doing
Wrote Dan at 18.04.19, 05:29:20.
I like to have an out call
Wrote Eddy at 16.04.19, 19:15:22.
Hey lady you available for downtown Toronto tonight
Wrote Anthony at 10.04.19, 02:15:32.
Wrote Chase at 09.04.19, 06:26:15.

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