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/ Amanda

Amanda, +1 (124) 235 3546

Toronto, Brantford
+1 (124) 235 3546Archive
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independent Amanda (Toronto)

image Amanda (outcall escorts)

Amanda, escorts Toronto photo

Call gils Toronto — escort Amanda

Amanda (Toronto), sexual photo

Amanda, height: 165, weight: 60

Age: 24
Height: 165
Weight: 60
Bust Size: Small

Nationality: Canadian

1 hour: 150
2 hours: 200
All night:
Outcall: yes

Time to call: 10:00 — 00:00

Registration date: 03.04.19
Last update: 03.04.19
Ad number: 342416, ad is inactive

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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hey u available tonight in marmora for hr of fun
Wrote luke wells at 02.04.21, 19:22:19.
Are you available this afternoon? I am in located in Etobicoke
Wrote Ethan at 26.03.21, 21:38:30.
Wrote Alex at 25.03.21, 19:55:26.
Wrote court at 21.03.21, 06:38:42.
Wrote Mark at 17.03.21, 07:32:27.
Hey u available
Wrote at 17.03.21, 04:27:56.
Wrote Steve at 13.03.21, 08:07:56.
Are you available tonight ?
Wrote Ed at 13.03.21, 03:38:48.
Hey where are you located
Wrote Theo at 09.03.21, 07:17:18.
Hi beautiful we’re are you located
Wrote Luis at 09.03.21, 06:47:11.
Hey babe:) where do you live?
Wrote Rafe at 06.03.21, 09:51:54.
do you have viber
Wrote ok at 05.03.21, 02:49:41.
Wrote ok at 03.03.21, 01:55:15.
2 hours order monte carlo inns gelirmisin
Wrote ok at 02.03.21, 03:08:05.
Wrote Shawn at 01.03.21, 15:21:39.
Wrote onder at 01.03.21, 02:19:01.
Wrote onder at 01.03.21, 02:18:44.
R u available
Wrote Omid at 26.02.21, 05:54:25.
Wrote at 26.02.21, 03:59:29.
How can txts u
Wrote at 13.02.21, 17:31:45.
Are you available Monday around 7pm?
Wrote Roy at 08.02.21, 01:08:16.
Come to Markham?
Wrote Roy at 08.02.21, 00:58:31.
Wrote at 07.02.21, 17:52:57.
Free later tonight? Downtown.
Wrote 1 at 07.02.21, 01:05:54.
Are u free tonight
Wrote Rob at 04.02.21, 03:03:37.
Downtown To. 2 hrs.
Wrote at 04.02.21, 02:12:10.
Free tonight
Wrote at 04.02.21, 02:06:27.
Free tonight
Wrote at 04.02.21, 02:06:19.
Free tonight
Wrote at 04.02.21, 02:06:19.
Free tonight
Wrote at 04.02.21, 02:06:15.
Hey are you available today
Wrote at 01.02.21, 13:21:09.
Hi are you available for two hours
Wrote at 31.01.21, 21:03:27.
Wrote at 31.01.21, 02:01:19.
Want to hook up?
Wrote Eric at 30.01.21, 05:48:33.
Are you into couples?
Wrote Peter at 23.01.21, 04:22:10.
Call me baby girl or text me back
Wrote Jb at 16.01.21, 08:27:10.
Hey baby are u available tonight
Wrote Ali at 11.01.21, 23:54:15.
Are you free tonight?
Wrote John at 11.01.21, 21:19:02.
Baby I love licking pussy and like to drink pussy water
Wrote Honey at 10.01.21, 23:33:04.
Hi babe price for full night,
Wrote Arthur at 30.12.20, 12:42:31.
Aré you avaible
Wrote Fernando at 28.12.20, 14:34:18.
Are u available
Wrote Jay at 27.12.20, 04:55:59.
When are u available?
Wrote at 27.12.20, 04:42:05.
Wrote Vishnu at 27.12.20, 03:25:01.
Are you available at 11am this morning
Wrote Michael at 25.12.20, 11:55:47.
When are you available
Wrote Roy at 19.12.20, 15:59:57.
Wrote timmy at 19.12.20, 03:41:45.
Hey. You available tonight
Wrote at 16.12.20, 22:26:51.
Hit me up on there to coordinate. I’m in Toronto and looking to book an hour or two tonight or tomorrow.
Wrote Snapchat: BENTWAY93 at 16.12.20, 18:27:56.
You available for two hours
Wrote Deepu at 13.12.20, 18:21:33.
When are you available
Wrote Eric at 12.12.20, 23:50:43.
When you are available?
Wrote Tony at 12.12.20, 08:13:33.
Are u available
Wrote Karan at 10.12.20, 20:52:09.
One night?
Wrote Yash at 10.12.20, 08:18:47.
Hii are you available
Wrote Mani singh at 09.12.20, 05:26:20.
Wrote at 04.12.20, 04:46:49.
Wrote at 29.11.20, 03:40:21.
I will like to make an appointment with you. Text me. Soon.
Wrote Kent at 22.11.20, 00:59:25.
Hey...u free? I am ready to come 1hr 120?
Wrote Sajit at 22.11.20, 00:57:55.
Hey beautiful, are you available tomorrow?
Wrote Aman at 20.11.20, 08:31:44.
hey Amanda, you available tonight
Wrote James at 14.11.20, 01:00:09.
Hi are you available now
Wrote Deoll at 11.11.20, 07:04:05.
Wrote at 09.11.20, 23:16:22.
Wrote Badri at 07.11.20, 05:51:20.
I’m 15 u wanna do it
Wrote Mike at 06.11.20, 03:23:59.
how much
Wrote at 04.11.20, 08:29:50.
how much
Wrote tim at 04.11.20, 08:29:40.
Wrote James you busy at 03.11.20, 21:00:50.
Hi are you free
Wrote at 03.11.20, 18:26:48.
Baby come over to hava good time
Wrote at 31.10.20, 01:12:13.
Come over.
Wrote Tony at 31.10.20, 01:09:43.
Hi are you available tonight
Wrote Manny at 24.10.20, 17:00:19.
Hi how are you are you available tonight
Wrote Manny at 24.10.20, 16:59:06.
Hi available tonight
Wrote Mo at 24.10.20, 04:29:43.
Hey. Available tonight?
Wrote Carlos at 19.10.20, 02:59:07.
Hi gorgeous are you available now
Wrote at 14.10.20, 03:24:06.
Wrote Nick at 11.10.20, 01:24:29.
Wrote at 10.10.20, 22:43:27.
This is my first time
Wrote at 09.10.20, 02:41:43.
Hello Amanda how are you?
Wrote Arlan at 09.10.20, 02:40:17.
Wrote hi i wall you at 04.10.20, 22:25:11.
Wrote at 30.09.20, 23:25:36.
I just wonder if you are available tonight? And which part of toronto you are located in. Thanks
Wrote Hi at 28.09.20, 21:04:06.
Wrote at 27.09.20, 10:06:49.
You avaliable? ?
Wrote Lori at 12.09.20, 12:18:26.
R u in Toronto how much all night
Wrote Mate at 10.09.20, 16:08:01.
Hi are you available?
Wrote Rock at 06.09.20, 00:18:55.
hey gorgeous. Are you available tonight
Wrote David at 05.09.20, 07:19:32.
You are available right now
Wrote Alex at 02.09.20, 19:35:32.
Are u available
Wrote Kenmore at 02.09.20, 11:45:01.
Are you available now
Wrote Kenmore at 02.09.20, 07:55:42.
Can I cal y
Wrote Asad at 30.08.20, 19:40:03.
Hello Amanda. You available tonight for overnight with me? Just you and me. Call me if you e free tonight
Wrote Nhad at 29.08.20, 21:54:49.
Wrote at 28.08.20, 16:58:27.
Are you available?
Wrote Show at 28.08.20, 00:55:35.
Hey how much for half an hour
Wrote Hamza at 25.08.20, 05:04:24.
Hi. How’s your schedule tonight ? You look f’ng gorgeous. !!
Wrote Stace at 22.08.20, 02:39:01.
I call u but u keep your number wrong
Wrote at 20.08.20, 14:40:44.
you available tonight
Wrote timmy at 19.08.20, 08:24:00.
you available tonight
Wrote timmy at 19.08.20, 08:23:26.
you available tonight
Wrote at 19.08.20, 08:22:54.
Are you available tonight? For female
Wrote Sharesha at 18.08.20, 02:06:54.
hi bow can i contact to you
Wrote Jimy at 17.08.20, 21:02:56.
Are you avelable incall ? What is ur address
Wrote Jhon at 12.08.20, 07:39:47.
are you available incall? whats your address
Wrote marcus at 11.08.20, 00:55:01.
U free later 2 hrs
Wrote Theoo at 27.07.20, 19:23:01.
Hi outcall later u free? Hour or 2
Wrote Theo at 27.07.20, 19:08:31.
Hi, how are you. Do you have a couple of free hours later?
Wrote Lewis at 18.07.20, 23:35:55.
Want to meet tou
Wrote Helder at 17.07.20, 03:24:20.
Wrote chris at 11.07.20, 07:00:02.
Hey how much for incall
Wrote Darryl at 02.07.20, 00:29:40.
Hey how much for in call
Wrote Darryl at 02.07.20, 00:28:31.
Are you available today
Wrote Varun at 01.07.20, 00:49:06.
Are you available today?
Wrote Prakhar at 27.06.20, 19:27:25.
I tried to rich you
Wrote at 16.06.20, 18:25:52.
Whats your number? The one posted has area code 124 it doesn work I need your real number
Wrote J at 15.06.20, 22:45:34.
Hi Amanda. Are u in mississauga area?
Wrote Robert at 14.06.20, 00:46:41.
Hey how do I get ahold of you
Wrote at 12.06.20, 07:54:32.
Interested if you are in my area
Wrote Jeff at 09.06.20, 17:56:39.
Mucho interested if your 24
Wrote at 01.06.20, 10:57:57.
Hi Amanda, are you around? And is that your real pick?
Wrote Rod at 01.06.20, 10:56:33.
Hey are you available this am? I can travel or host
Wrote Rob at 31.05.20, 13:10:24.
Are you free this morning? Can host or travel
Wrote at 31.05.20, 13:09:36.
Yes but how much you want
Wrote at 25.05.20, 00:11:41.
Are you available and come to the Toronto don valley hotel ?
Wrote Ron at 24.05.20, 06:33:42.
Hello Amanda
Wrote Ron at 24.05.20, 06:32:25.
Hey sugar
Wrote Manny at 18.05.20, 22:41:24.
I want you
Wrote timmy at 08.05.20, 07:32:36.
Will u do 30min for $40 I’m a handsome man????
Wrote Natan at 05.03.20, 09:04:38.
hi, whats the cost and now we can meet?
Wrote Istvan at 30.01.20, 23:15:07.
I am at the Residence Inn 17 Reading court. You available?
Wrote Dan at 23.01.20, 00:00:25.
Hi honey
Wrote Azad Kabir at 14.01.20, 12:29:30.
Hello my friend how are you can you contact me
Wrote Raza at 13.01.20, 13:48:41.
Airport outcall ?
Wrote Mark at 03.01.20, 16:17:15.
Are you available right now?
Wrote Adi at 30.12.19, 18:47:47.
What time tomorrow are you available ?
Wrote Terek at 26.12.19, 00:18:28.
I am OK for you
Wrote at 23.12.19, 06:24:11.
How are you
Wrote at 23.12.19, 06:23:16.
Looking for incall....
Wrote Timothy at 19.12.19, 04:46:24.
Hi I’m looking for an in call visit this afternoon. Your pictures are beautiful. Are you available? Are you
Wrote PETER at 15.12.19, 05:23:12.
Hi I’m looking for an in call visit this afternoon. Your pictures are beautiful. Are you available? Are you
Wrote Peter at 15.12.19, 05:22:24.
R u available tonight
Wrote Bailey at 11.12.19, 03:30:13.
Are you available the soonest?
Wrote John at 06.12.19, 20:51:56.
Wrote Nick at 23.11.19, 03:44:29.
Are you available
Wrote Faizal at 04.11.19, 18:20:58.
Are u free tonight
Wrote at 02.11.19, 23:12:10.
Do you take spankings
Wrote Steve at 27.10.19, 16:48:55.
You around?
Wrote at 26.10.19, 10:36:29.
Wrote Torque at 23.10.19, 03:18:12.
Hi. Are you available now?
Wrote Kirk at 18.10.19, 05:29:46.
Good afternoon Are you available this afternoon and do you do incalls ? William
Wrote William allan at 17.10.19, 17:58:11.
Wrote Jt at 25.09.19, 17:54:19.
Wrote at 25.09.19, 17:54:06.
Hi. Available?
Wrote Dan at 24.09.19, 17:32:19.
Are you available for tonight?
Wrote at 24.09.19, 10:07:53.
Hi, available for tonight?
Wrote Jack at 24.09.19, 10:07:26.
You available? I
Wrote at 22.09.19, 08:07:34.
Hey sweetie I think you e fucking hot as hell
Wrote Peter at 21.09.19, 19:17:52.
Hey are available now
Wrote Nick Thakor at 21.09.19, 02:52:44.
Hi. I’m interested in a short incall today around 6pm. Are you available and located near Scotiabank arena?
Wrote Sean at 20.09.19, 18:51:50.
Hi I’m looking for an in call visit this afternoon. Your pictures are beautiful. Are you available?
Wrote Sean at 20.09.19, 18:50:12.
Are you available for today?
Wrote steel at 18.09.19, 22:04:35.
Hi I’m looking for an in call visit this afternoon. Your pictures are beautiful. Are you available?
Wrote Greg at 18.09.19, 16:43:03.
Hi. Are you available later today after work today.
Wrote at 17.09.19, 18:38:06.
Hi there. I am interested in you.
Wrote Byron at 16.09.19, 21:01:24.
Hi. I would love to meet with you
Wrote Byron at 16.09.19, 21:00:49.
Are you available
Wrote at 15.09.19, 16:42:40.
Do you BB?
Wrote at 12.09.19, 01:07:51.
Hi just saw your adds are u available now
Wrote Andrew at 11.09.19, 17:06:42.
hi would you be interested in me taking you shopping and dinner and them maybe some kinky stuff I love legs you have a beautiful face and legs . well beautiful everything Im 29 single and a mechanic
Wrote Sam lichtman at 07.09.19, 21:45:42.
Wrote Mark at 07.09.19, 07:49:27.
Ate you avalible
Wrote at 03.09.19, 20:50:24.
Ate you avalible
Wrote at 03.09.19, 20:50:19.
?? Maybe next time.
Wrote Bull at 01.09.19, 14:13:11.
Car now?
Wrote Bill at 01.09.19, 14:10:25.
Wrote Moe at 01.09.19, 02:25:09.
Hi, are u available tonight. Downtown Toronto ??
Wrote Ricky at 27.08.19, 03:40:52.
Are u available tonight
Wrote at 27.08.19, 03:40:01.
Hey gorgeous.. are you available
Wrote Cardoso at 23.08.19, 16:06:00.
Wrote at 21.08.19, 10:26:59.
Hi Amanda, Im Anthony. Im French, im 31 and im here for vacations for 3 days. I lived in Montreal for 3 years but i never had the chance to visit Toronto before. Now i live in France and i was saying im here for vacations. Are available tonight for 2 hours? Feel free to ask me any info on me. This is the first time i contact an escort so i really don know the procedure here :) my phone number is +3386520408. Its a french number so if you have whatsap its gonna be cheaper for you to answer it.
Wrote Anthony at 19.08.19, 22:00:48.
Hi Amanda, Im Anthony. Im French, im 31 and im here for vacations for 3 days. I lived in Montreal for 3 years but i never had the chance to visit Toronto before. Now i live in France and i was saying im here for vacations. Are available tonight? Feel free to ask me any info on me. This is the first time i contact an escort so i really don know the procedure here :)
Wrote Anthony at 19.08.19, 21:56:39.
R u available
Wrote at 19.08.19, 15:22:54.
Are you available for 5am for one hour ?
Wrote Adrian at 18.08.19, 07:57:17.
Hi are you available
Wrote Alrock at 17.08.19, 21:35:56.
Are you free tonight? Need a date for a concert in Toronto
Wrote Anna at 16.08.19, 21:33:20.
U free rn?
Wrote Riccardo at 15.08.19, 06:18:28.
Are you available tonight? For 2 hours.
Wrote Vic at 14.08.19, 22:54:59.
Hi dear can i have your address
Wrote at 12.08.19, 16:50:30.
Are you available?
Wrote Brennen at 11.08.19, 08:09:16.
Do have some real pic. U have in call? How much for 2h. Hani
Wrote Hi at 09.08.19, 20:31:50.
Wrote Sam at 09.08.19, 06:42:47.
Are you available tonight
Wrote at 08.08.19, 23:10:21.
Available tonight
Wrote M P at 07.08.19, 02:39:51.
In call availability?
Wrote Tim at 06.08.19, 22:36:27.
Are u available sat or Sunday and ware are u located
Wrote at 05.08.19, 22:42:01.
In call or Out call available in Mississauga?
Wrote June at 05.08.19, 18:26:58.
Wrote June at 05.08.19, 18:26:18.
Are you in Mississauga
Wrote Arturo at 04.08.19, 23:22:47.
In call available?
Wrote Moniz at 04.08.19, 16:18:41.
Hey are you free
Wrote Tyler at 03.08.19, 11:12:14.
Out call for now?
Wrote Moe at 03.08.19, 10:01:14.
Available now?
Wrote Moe at 03.08.19, 09:55:12.
In call available?
Wrote at 03.08.19, 05:00:14.
Hey there I was in awe of your beauty and wondered if you wants to chill? Have some weed have some wine
Wrote Alex L at 02.08.19, 07:38:06.
Hey there I was in awe of your beauty and wondered if you wants to chill? Have some weed have some wine
Wrote Alex L at 02.08.19, 07:38:06.
Hey there I was in awe of your beauty and wondered if you wants to chill? Have some weed have some wine
Wrote Alex L at 02.08.19, 07:38:06.
Are u in call?
Wrote at 01.08.19, 23:54:10.
Hi sweet i like u do you have in call too thanks I well contact to you soon for two hr . Xoxo
Wrote Emoo at 01.08.19, 19:19:25.
charges for 1 hr
Wrote jaswant at 29.07.19, 04:15:56.
what are charges for 1 hour
Wrote jaswant at 29.07.19, 04:15:36.
Hi are you available today I really like you
Wrote Bob at 26.07.19, 15:34:30.
U available
Wrote Topher at 26.07.19, 05:08:06.
Hi are you available today I really like you
Wrote Lonely guy at 25.07.19, 17:22:05.
U available tonight ?
Wrote Donnie at 24.07.19, 02:46:43.
Available today?
Wrote Alex at 21.07.19, 16:06:31.
are you available right now
Wrote at 20.07.19, 00:49:51.
Not sure how this all works, first time. Staying at the Royal York, I guess text if you e available
Wrote Jamie at 15.07.19, 06:22:05.
Hi Amanda I think u r hot
Wrote Hi at 12.07.19, 14:45:45.
Hay beautiful Amanda, if you have imo apps I am here for you baby. If you download imo apps I will call you. Thank you very much
Wrote Maha at 07.07.19, 09:58:11.
Wrote Hi at 04.07.19, 13:09:27.
U available tonight outcall holiday express after 11pm
Wrote at 02.07.19, 22:34:50.
What is your favorite thing you like being done to you? I love to give pleasure that women are sometimes afraid to ask for.
Wrote Mark at 29.06.19, 04:55:55.
Wrote Sherr at 20.06.19, 05:15:06.
U there
Wrote at 20.06.19, 01:52:17.
Hi are you available now?
Wrote Kyle at 16.06.19, 13:25:46.
Hello good evening
Wrote James at 13.06.19, 22:16:30.
Wrote at 13.06.19, 04:17:36.
Wrote at 13.06.19, 04:17:31.
Are you available for an outcall at the delta hotel tonight
Wrote Jon at 12.06.19, 02:37:42.
Are you available tonight for an outcall to the delta hotel ?
Wrote Jon at 12.06.19, 02:28:00.
Are you available tonight for an outcall at the delta hotel ?
Wrote Jon at 12.06.19, 02:27:25.
Hi Amanda. My name is Jason. Are you free now? And if so where are you located?
Wrote at 08.06.19, 21:30:49.
Are you free now? And where are you from?
Wrote at 08.06.19, 05:32:58.
Wrote Hi at 07.06.19, 06:57:45.
Hii babe what is ur incall availability.
Wrote Thomas at 04.06.19, 03:37:00.
Hi time tonight?
Wrote Marcus at 03.06.19, 23:40:02.
Hi babe r u available now
Wrote at 03.06.19, 03:01:50.
Do you take emails
Wrote Sir Steve at 31.05.19, 18:06:41.
Wrote Hello at 29.05.19, 20:12:10.
Wrote at 29.05.19, 20:05:42.
Wrote Rj at 27.05.19, 08:02:19.
Wrote at 27.05.19, 03:37:52.
Wrote Jj at 26.05.19, 04:09:25.
What is your incall availability?
Wrote John at 25.05.19, 14:00:15.
Available for a couple hours? I can email money
Wrote Will at 25.05.19, 08:01:54.
Are u in toronto
Wrote Giuseppe at 24.05.19, 20:58:03.
Wrote at 21.05.19, 04:31:04.
Wrote at 18.05.19, 19:15:57.
Wrote at 18.05.19, 19:15:56.
Wrote Henry at 18.05.19, 19:15:49.
Hi Amanda, you look beautiful. Are you available this evening?
Wrote Maxim at 11.05.19, 11:44:53.
McCowan and McNicoll outcall
Wrote Tizzy Williams at 10.05.19, 17:40:52.
Hello Amanda, You are very cute, Im new to this. Are you available during the day?
Wrote Jake at 10.05.19, 08:51:06.
Hey im in scarborough
Wrote at 09.05.19, 23:51:14.
this is a Police number?
Wrote dave at 08.05.19, 21:11:23.
Wrote at 07.05.19, 07:09:49.
Wrote at 07.05.19, 07:09:43.
Hows it going Amanda?
Wrote Mike at 06.05.19, 22:35:56.
Hey baby
Wrote at 06.05.19, 02:38:13.
Wrote at 04.05.19, 16:10:25.
Wrote at 02.05.19, 21:40:24.
You available tomorrow?
Wrote Farhad at 01.05.19, 04:14:29.
Do you available today for out call in Vaughan ?
Wrote at 30.04.19, 03:15:04.
Are you available for incall tomorrow
Wrote Jazz at 25.04.19, 19:57:05.
i can not call your number hun
Wrote ben at 22.04.19, 15:44:08.
I can not call this number
Wrote ben at 22.04.19, 15:43:48.
hi i am just looking to have some fun in the gay village tonight, go to the bar have a drink. if you are comfortable with that?
Wrote kj at 12.04.19, 21:45:56.
what’s good baby? are you free
Wrote Chris at 09.04.19, 06:54:43.
Hey there, are you available tomorrow night? Downtown TO
Wrote Arun at 06.04.19, 12:16:39.
You do mississauga
Wrote Leo at 05.04.19, 21:46:06.
Do you outcall to downtown Toronto
Wrote Christian at 04.04.19, 20:47:04.

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