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Best Toronto escort service.
Call girls in Toronto.
/ Jennifer

Call girl Jennifer, +1 406 865 7672

Toronto, St. Catharines
+1 406 865 767224 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Jennifer (Toronto), sexual photo

picture Jennifer (escorts)

Jennifer, starts from 150 p/h

Age: 29
Height: 153
Weight: 61
Bust Size: Big

Nationality: Brazilian

1 hour: 150
2 hours:
All night:
Outcall: yes
Hi! I'm Jeniffer, an escort based in St. Catharines. I am ready to meet men and women for sex and quality time together. I love anal sex, pussy-licking and other kinky things. 1 hour costs $150. Feel free to ask questions +1 406 865 7672

Time to call: anytime

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Last update: 17.07.20
Ad number: 651786

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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Are you free 437-772-6376
Wrote DJ at 15.04.21, 03:56:38.
4377726376 Are you free?
Wrote at 15.04.21, 03:26:24.
Are you free?
Wrote DJ at 15.04.21, 03:23:06.
Are you free
Wrote DJ at 15.04.21, 03:02:59.
Hiii are you available?
Wrote Kerry at 14.04.21, 04:59:50.
Hello.. are you available
Wrote Jon at 12.04.21, 15:28:18.
Hi I am seeking fun for half hour only
Wrote abyson mathew at 11.04.21, 16:48:13.
Where are you located?
Wrote Hassan at 09.04.21, 20:55:06.
Where are you located?
Wrote Hassan at 09.04.21, 20:55:06.
Does eating ass and getting pissed on count
Wrote at 07.04.21, 23:24:41.
Fuck tonight outcal north york
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Fuck tonight
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Do you have avelabile know
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Hello at you available?
Wrote Anthony at 27.03.21, 10:36:27.
Wanna fuck tonight
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U are beautiful wow
Wrote at 25.03.21, 20:25:35.
Wrote Sky at 17.03.21, 20:30:57.
You live Toronto
Wrote at 14.03.21, 03:40:37.
Are you in Toronto
Wrote Fred Bailey at 13.03.21, 21:33:58.
Hey Jennifer , are you available tonight ?
Wrote Ed at 13.03.21, 03:46:01.
Looking for me and my boy
Wrote DJ at 04.03.21, 04:39:00.
Wrote Tony at 03.03.21, 23:17:50.
hello 1 hours monte carlo inns
Wrote ok at 02.03.21, 03:46:30.
Can i get your whatsapp number because i have international number
Wrote at 01.03.21, 21:00:27.
Estás disponible para ahorita
Wrote Hernández at 28.02.21, 05:26:20.
Hi I am looking to do a 3 sum with my husband and I would like to know if you do that ?
Wrote at 28.02.21, 01:32:58.
Hi I’m looking for a good time are you available tomorrow morning
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are u available in scarborough
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Hello are u available
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R you available?
Wrote at 21.02.21, 17:17:50.
I am looking forward to your service hope a good time. Is it available?
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Wrote at 19.02.21, 22:26:11.
Hey are you available
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hello beautiful you busy
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Are u ready tonight
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Im looking forward to your services Im looking for a good time Ive got what your looking for
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Are you available tonight
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Are you available this weekend?
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Hi I’m looking for a good time are you available tomorrow morning
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Hi its my first time, id like to know availability
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Wrote at 06.02.21, 18:29:32.
Wrote at 06.02.21, 18:29:21.
I am
Wrote at 06.02.21, 18:29:03.
U there
Wrote Annie at 06.02.21, 09:27:04.
You are just what im looking for . I want to only make out naked, rub excessively this is my first time with a woman and in sh my but Im ready to get horny . Im 5 foot 2 135pounds caucasian, big eyes with curly hair big tits and ass . I want you
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Available to day
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Hey are u available tomorrow
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Are you available today
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hey are you available tomorrow??
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Callme sexy Ian interested in seeing u
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Call me sexy I am interested in seeing u
Wrote at 12.01.21, 04:42:52.
Am a country gentlemen working in Toronto. Clean and respectable. Love to spent 1hr with u.
Wrote Bobby bear at 09.01.21, 11:41:16.
When are you available?
Wrote Jake at 07.01.21, 03:42:45.
Are u available Friday night?
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Where are is your location ?
Wrote at 06.01.21, 01:32:07.
Where are you located?
Wrote at 29.12.20, 19:37:52.
Hey r u able to see me
Wrote at 28.12.20, 13:55:08.
Are you in Toronto ? And when at you free ?
Wrote at 28.12.20, 06:24:27.
Wrote at 28.12.20, 05:05:02.
Hey, are you available right now ?
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Hey there. Are you available?
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Hey are you available now for out call
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Available today?
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Hello pretty, where do I have to go to have you and how much do you charge?
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Where are you located
Wrote LP at 17.12.20, 19:53:30.
Hey hun, you available tomorrow
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Are you available today at 5 pm for out call 2 hours
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Are you available?
Wrote Arrr at 14.12.20, 06:53:12.
Hey gorgeous u available now?
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Wrote at 13.12.20, 04:52:34.
I like you
Wrote Karan sharma at 13.12.20, 02:10:21.
U available?
Wrote Patrick at 12.12.20, 19:19:29.
Hi you r available today
Wrote Zahid at 12.12.20, 12:59:12.
hi there, i just called but no answer. Interested in seeing you in St Catharines when I am there on business
Wrote at 08.12.20, 20:37:29.
Hi Available tomorrow?
Wrote Jet at 07.12.20, 08:02:42.
Hello hun are you available for a out call tonight in Vaughan
Wrote Steve at 04.12.20, 03:47:40.
Hello sweetie
Wrote Niko at 02.12.20, 20:10:43.
Do u have room or place I come
Wrote Na at 01.12.20, 00:22:32.
Your hot
Wrote Jen at 28.11.20, 09:51:07.
Hey, lets become happy together ?
Wrote Arjun at 26.11.20, 17:59:03.
Hello pretty, where do I have to go to have you and how much do you charge?
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Hi r u available today
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Hi gorgeous, available?
Wrote Hydr at 19.11.20, 10:28:40.
Vaughn only or Downtown Toronto aswell?
Wrote Kevin at 13.11.20, 06:45:25.
Are you in the Vaughan area and you available soon tonight if so can you get back to me soon thanks
Wrote Steve at 11.11.20, 05:24:36.
Full service?
Wrote God at 09.11.20, 20:56:09.
Hello Do you Visit at Holiday Inn in st. Catherine? Maybe tomorrow afternoon for 2-3 hrs. Kisses
Wrote Christian at 07.11.20, 17:32:59.
Available in Durham?
Wrote at 06.11.20, 06:58:05.
Whats up sexy??
Wrote derek at 06.11.20, 06:23:13.
In town few months
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Hi sweetie my name is Carol are you available this week let me know what day
Wrote Dkbk at 02.11.20, 12:23:34.
Hi sweetie my name is Carol are you available this week let me know what day
Wrote Dkbk at 02.11.20, 12:23:06.
Hi sweetie my name is Carol are you available this week let me know what day
Wrote Carol at 31.10.20, 23:49:38.
You work
Wrote at 30.10.20, 22:25:55.
Hi your address??
Wrote Sonu at 22.10.20, 16:25:29.
Hi Ill like to set an appointment with Jennifer
Wrote Max at 19.10.20, 10:08:54.
Wrote My name is Kevin you beautiful at 18.10.20, 00:29:02.
you e beautiful
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Hey I want to see available?
Wrote Suh at 07.10.20, 20:59:14.
Hey what’s the rate for a couple
Wrote at 03.10.20, 01:15:30.
Wrote at 26.09.20, 19:02:06.
Hi there are u in Brampton and free for an hour out call?
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I luv your add, I’d luv to have a good time with old
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How are you
Wrote I at 23.09.20, 03:48:27.
Wrote at 23.09.20, 03:48:19.
Are you free today
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Wrote at 21.09.20, 05:55:30.
Wrote at 21.09.20, 05:55:21.
Hiw when are you gree
Wrote Far at 21.09.20, 00:13:53.
What is your location?
Wrote Dadi at 20.09.20, 21:48:04.
Where is your location
Wrote Far at 20.09.20, 19:14:58.
Hi sweetie r u available?
Wrote at 19.09.20, 21:36:09.
hi girl
Wrote at 19.09.20, 05:40:07.
Wrote at 14.09.20, 05:43:59.
R u available
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Hey r u available
Wrote Honda at 11.09.20, 06:50:07.
Wrote Allan at 09.09.20, 23:53:37.
Are you available for
Wrote at 09.09.20, 22:43:39.
Hi Are you available today at 8 pm?
Wrote Alberto at 06.09.20, 20:20:12.
Estás disponible hoy alas 8
Wrote Flaco at 05.09.20, 10:34:45.
Do you do couples
Wrote at 04.09.20, 06:31:01.
Are you available for 1 hour?
Wrote Kenmore at 02.09.20, 07:53:53.
Hi are you available today babe
Wrote at 30.08.20, 13:28:21.
Hi there, you available tonight?
Wrote Ronald at 29.08.20, 21:37:23.
Hey r u available for 1 hr tonight and rate?
Wrote James at 28.08.20, 22:11:58.
Are you in Toronto??
Wrote Steve at 26.08.20, 01:29:20.
Wrote Jason at 24.08.20, 02:49:38.
Wrote Jason at 24.08.20, 02:49:29.
Are you available for 1 hour in call now?
Wrote Steve at 23.08.20, 01:36:48.
Are you available now?
Wrote Steve at 23.08.20, 01:35:55.
Hey are you available now for 1 hour in call?
Wrote Jack at 23.08.20, 01:23:01.
Hello, Are you available tonight? Im looking for a deepthroat/rimjob! Thanks
Wrote Charles at 19.08.20, 22:26:40.
Let me know
Wrote Jf at 19.08.20, 05:16:49.
Hopefully you e still available,o My lady..
Wrote Jf at 19.08.20, 05:16:09.
Do you accept black men?
Wrote Do you accept black men? at 19.08.20, 04:21:53.
Looking for someone to join me as my husband watches.
Wrote Shy at 08.08.20, 14:56:46.
Hi hows your night going
Wrote at 07.08.20, 04:52:37.
Are you available right now
Wrote Sean at 06.08.20, 11:20:31.
Hey babes,what says are you available?
Wrote at 05.08.20, 00:31:29.
Where we wanna meet
Wrote Marco at 03.08.20, 22:31:40.
Txt 514-706-1101
Wrote Shami rene at 01.08.20, 08:55:36.
Hello ... I want to confirm that the photos are real, to schedule an appointment tonight ... Thanks
Wrote Jon at 31.07.20, 17:46:11.
Are you available on Saturday night
Wrote Vince at 31.07.20, 02:17:47.
I need u
Wrote Deepak at 25.07.20, 07:40:02.
Wrote at 22.07.20, 03:03:26.
She’s a fraud be careful
Wrote at 22.07.20, 03:02:38.
R u available
Wrote Salvatore Sciara at 19.07.20, 06:33:51.
Anand sec
Wrote at 19.07.20, 06:10:41.
Wrote Harold at 17.07.20, 15:29:41.
Hi are you available today
Wrote Harold at 17.07.20, 15:29:20.

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