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/ Daniella

Daniella, +1 (416) 500-0163

Toronto, Etibocoke
+1 (416) 500-0163On duty
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Daniella, starts from 200 p/h

Age: 28
Height: 162
Weight: 52
Bust Size: Medium

Nationality: Italian

1 hour: 200
2 hours: 380
All night:
Outcall: yes
Hello, handsome. My name is Daniella, and I am young slim call girl from Italy. As you know, Italian girls are the most stunning ones, so our appointment will be such a gift for you. I have long black hair, pretty face and a charming smile. You will not regret meeting me, as I provide high quality services. If you want to refresh your family life, I will be happy to provide sex with you and your wife or husband. I wait for serious inquires only.

Time to call: 9:00 — 21:00

Last update: 21.07.17
Ad number: 97104

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
If you are visited Daniella please leave your feedback . Note that all feedbacks will be checked before posting . Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again!
Hey I’m also 28. Looking for kind of the girlfriend experience. Are you available ?
Wrote Brodee at 22.09.21, 18:15:17.
HiR u available
Wrote Ernesto at 20.09.21, 08:17:46.
Hi r u available?
Wrote Ernesto at 20.09.21, 08:17:13.
why your phone is not working?
Wrote Chudin at 05.09.21, 19:11:13.
why ur phone is not working?
Wrote Chudin at 05.09.21, 19:10:48.
Wrote at 05.09.21, 07:53:02.
Wrote Raj at 01.09.21, 06:07:38.
Wrote at 30.08.21, 03:10:17.
How can I reach you
Wrote at 30.08.21, 03:10:09.
Hi are you available tomorrow
Wrote Ryan at 30.08.21, 03:09:43.
Hi Are you available Bayview and highway 7
Wrote at 22.08.21, 08:44:46.
Wrote Ankur at 09.08.21, 06:16:30.
Hi are you available
Wrote at 05.08.21, 02:40:05.
How can i Reach you
Wrote Richard at 31.07.21, 06:00:21.
Hi your number not a working number
Wrote at 15.07.21, 01:45:06.
Hi r u Available
Wrote at 05.07.21, 11:22:36.
Are you available
Wrote at 05.07.21, 11:22:12.
R u Available
Wrote Al at 05.07.21, 11:21:59.
R u availabile
Wrote Karen at 28.06.21, 04:53:44.
Where are you located and can I see you at 2 pm. One hour do I get to go down on you and cum two times
Wrote Oral Burton at 23.06.21, 08:10:35.
Where you located
Wrote Cards at 20.06.21, 17:44:08.
Where you located
Wrote at 20.06.21, 17:43:27.
Hi you available
Wrote Tim at 17.06.21, 02:47:10.
Hello, where are you located?
Wrote Sean at 02.06.21, 04:11:03.
Two guys one girl
Wrote Diangelo at 24.05.21, 20:12:33.
Want to experience your touch
Wrote Vittorio at 21.05.21, 11:46:03.
Hey sweetie
Wrote Arsen at 12.05.21, 20:55:54.
Hey sweetie
Wrote at 12.05.21, 20:55:30.
You working
Wrote at 01.05.21, 21:47:01.
You guys no response. You need to leave it
Wrote Amk at 23.04.21, 20:10:00.
Are u ok
Wrote at 23.04.21, 20:09:22.
Wrote at 23.04.21, 20:09:06.
Hello Daniella Are you available tonight? Please let me know. Give me a call or text message 613-700-8140
Wrote Alpha at 23.04.21, 19:58:35.
Are you available tonight
Wrote at 18.04.21, 23:45:39.
Are you available tonight and
Wrote at 18.04.21, 23:45:22.
Ciao, in quale zona di Toronto ti trovi?
Wrote Frank at 01.04.21, 01:00:21.
hey are you available
Wrote dodge at 21.03.21, 16:56:03.
Wrote Jag at 14.02.21, 01:37:09.
Are you free tonight?
Wrote Jake at 10.02.21, 00:26:47.
Are you available Monday around 7pm?
Wrote Roy at 08.02.21, 01:05:00.
Hi there
Wrote Alex at 27.01.21, 14:56:08.
Hi babe, are you free tonight? I’m gentleman looking for anal sex
Wrote Obay at 20.01.21, 21:18:18.
Are u free tonight
Wrote John at 11.01.21, 21:16:30.
Are you working tomorrow
Wrote Erric at 02.01.21, 00:58:34.
Will you suck on my big fat dick
Wrote William Coast at 24.12.20, 04:23:16.
Hi look for fun.
Wrote Chris at 23.12.20, 20:29:48.
Hey ???? baby.. open minded PSE Greek Cimswl ready i
Wrote Koss at 23.12.20, 01:35:25.
Wrote at 21.12.20, 05:09:49.
You available yonight
Wrote at 12.12.20, 02:45:02.
hey you, are you available tonight
Wrote Jimmy at 14.11.20, 00:57:50.
Hey are you avaible Now
Wrote Jojo at 12.11.20, 12:33:48.
I would sure like to have you here this morning
Wrote Steve at 10.11.20, 11:27:39.
Hello hunny are you in the Markham area and available for a in call
Wrote Steve at 09.11.20, 06:22:07.
Send to aderece please.
Wrote at 27.10.20, 03:52:09.
Send to aderece please?
Wrote at 27.10.20, 03:51:21.
Hey my babe bday I will like for you to suck his cock
Wrote Rina at 18.10.20, 01:27:32.
Where are you located?
Wrote Max at 13.10.20, 10:20:26.
Where are you located?
Wrote at 13.10.20, 10:19:50.
Hi. are u free today?
Wrote Chul at 04.10.20, 11:30:19.
Wrote at 01.10.20, 05:55:58.
Calll me
Wrote Hey at 28.09.20, 21:56:18.
You available tonight ?
Wrote Andy at 28.09.20, 03:54:30.
Can you strapon fuck my gf in both holes while I watch?
Wrote Jason at 12.09.20, 05:17:37.
Hello Daniela. Are you available tonight for 3hrs?? Just you and me. Call me if youre available later tonight Daniella
Wrote at 29.08.20, 22:01:05.
Are you free this evening ?
Wrote Tony at 08.08.20, 22:17:53.
Wow very nice
Wrote Brian at 30.07.20, 17:47:11.
Wow very nice
Wrote Brien at 30.07.20, 17:46:38.
May I know your rates for overnight and does French kissing is included in your services
Wrote at 09.07.20, 17:24:49.
Are you available for Thursday 3.00 pm.
Wrote pal at 07.06.20, 23:11:06.
Are you available for Friday morning 11.00 am.
Wrote Larry at 04.06.20, 18:56:30.
Wrote at 27.05.20, 19:06:33.
Wrote at 27.05.20, 19:06:11.
Slow anal. Are you down!?
Wrote Hans at 30.04.20, 13:51:24.
Are you available later tonight?
Wrote Sam at 15.04.20, 23:44:57.
Hi are you available
Wrote at 07.03.20, 15:34:16.
Slow anal. Are you down!?
Wrote Kugan at 16.01.20, 07:03:46.
Hi I would like to meet u . I will pay you very good
Wrote Anthony at 28.12.19, 19:12:55.
Wrote Rick at 28.12.19, 05:38:00.
Hello Daniella Is anal included as part of standard meeting or is this optional if so additional fees?
Wrote Rick at 28.12.19, 05:37:41.
Hi, you available tonight
Wrote Jerry at 09.11.19, 06:20:31.
Hello Daniella Is anal included as part of standard meeting or is this optional if so additional fees?
Wrote Steve at 03.11.19, 15:41:19.
Wrote at 23.09.19, 14:07:24.
Wrote at 23.09.19, 00:49:02.
Hi are you in Toronto
Wrote Ste at 17.09.19, 22:39:21.
Wrote Deep at 14.09.19, 22:58:45.
Hey Daniella, how does your pricing work for couples?
Wrote Rob at 06.09.19, 23:31:55.
Hey Daniella. Would you be available tomorrow night around 9?
Wrote Chris at 30.08.19, 00:22:20.
R u available
Wrote at 25.08.19, 21:17:57.
Wrote at 25.08.19, 21:17:16.
Hey r u available?
Wrote Eman at 15.08.19, 03:15:41.
I would like it right now
Wrote at 14.08.19, 14:30:14.
Do you to homes for sex.
Wrote Martin at 14.08.19, 14:29:30.
Wrote Marko at 11.08.19, 05:32:06.
Wrote Marko at 11.08.19, 02:05:27.
Hey , are you avail ?
Wrote Vince at 11.08.19, 00:27:17.
Looking for a three some with my boyfriend tomorrow night if you’re interested
Wrote Brittney at 03.08.19, 06:01:36.
Are you available tonight ?
Wrote Sebastian at 21.07.19, 00:17:59.
Wrote at 20.07.19, 02:52:29.
Wrote at 16.07.19, 08:29:42.
How are you love
Wrote at 13.07.19, 19:43:51.
Hi there
Wrote John at 13.07.19, 19:43:12.
Hi there
Wrote at 13.07.19, 19:42:43.
hi, wondering if you do foot fetish
Wrote Alex at 10.07.19, 19:26:20.
U around for the nite
Wrote Barry u at 03.07.19, 03:44:31.
Ciao Daniela My wife and I love to have our first(really)threesome. As much as we e excited about it we also worry about safety/health wise and so would love your input on help clarify those issues Your answer is appreciate Thanks
Wrote Lou at 02.07.19, 17:05:47.
Hello Daniela Do you offer anal..for hh what would be the compensation Thanks M
Wrote at 25.06.19, 05:27:54.
Wrote at 20.06.19, 23:11:50.
Hi Im John and I was wondering if you could come up to see me in Aurora
Wrote at 02.06.19, 22:38:40.
Hi there
Wrote at 21.05.19, 14:57:56.
Wrote Gustavo at 18.05.19, 00:40:07.
Are you available
Wrote Jeeva at 14.05.19, 19:38:35.
Are you available?
Wrote Jay at 25.04.19, 22:59:16.
Where you in canada
Wrote at 21.04.19, 01:19:09.
Where are you located?
Wrote Simon at 20.04.19, 18:49:40.
I was wondering if you see couples
Wrote Josie at 30.03.19, 21:18:39.
I was wondering if you see couples
Wrote Josie De at 30.03.19, 21:17:46.
Are you available now
Wrote David at 26.03.19, 15:59:45.
Ay u around for an outcall
Wrote Cyrus alaei at 20.03.19, 10:07:37.
Do you have time in hyat toronto
Wrote Hans at 19.03.19, 01:29:35.
Hi What are your rates and menu choices for an outcall to Guelph
Wrote Nathan at 16.03.19, 04:44:31.
Hey dAnella
Wrote at 13.03.19, 18:41:04.
U available?
Wrote at 12.03.19, 13:23:36.
Ciao Bella Where you located?
Wrote at 03.03.19, 18:12:10.
Hello bellia jow much and wate are you located I am italin as well
Wrote at 23.02.19, 00:39:20.
Hello sexy how are you? Would love to see you tonight
Wrote Erik at 14.02.19, 21:39:54.
Hey, do you offer 30 min session? Whats your rate?
Wrote Tito at 09.02.19, 23:18:14.
Are Yu available now??
Wrote Are you available now, your phone is not at 07.02.19, 22:36:57.
What is your location
Wrote Serge at 07.02.19, 12:28:41.
Ciao Bella Im Italian and I know how Italian woman can be so wild so my girlfriend and I are wanting to do you and this is first time for both of us so little nervous hahaha. Txt me back please
Wrote Bobby at 02.02.19, 06:07:01.
Do you have Incall in the Downtown area?
Wrote Jack at 26.01.19, 17:30:27.
Looking forward to connecting Sunday
Wrote Marty at 20.01.19, 08:22:17.
Looking forward to connecting Sunday
Wrote Marty at 20.01.19, 08:21:36.
Are you doing outcall
Wrote Dan at 16.01.19, 00:26:35.
Are you available for outcall
Wrote Dan at 16.01.19, 00:26:09.
Wrote at 12.01.19, 21:30:51.
Are you free tonight
Wrote Bassil at 12.01.19, 05:32:05.
Are you available right now?
Wrote Jake at 11.01.19, 15:01:05.
lets have fun
Wrote resh at 09.01.19, 21:59:14.
U available now?
Wrote Joel at 21.12.18, 09:43:13.
Hey I ws wondering if you have time this afternoon to meet
Wrote Mike at 07.12.18, 17:56:52.
Wrote Chuck at 05.12.18, 03:41:43.
Hi m
Wrote at 02.12.18, 03:33:06.
no outcalls??
Wrote bobby at 20.11.18, 04:38:16.
hey Daniella are you available?
Wrote bobby at 20.11.18, 04:37:13.
I would like to meet you tomorrow you sound like some one I would like to be a friend
Wrote Roger at 31.10.18, 02:01:38.
post more than one picture and update your profile please
Wrote dan at 30.10.18, 06:21:07.
I am interested
Wrote at 26.10.18, 19:43:10.
Nice to see you ate you ready for a nice time
Wrote at 26.10.18, 02:16:25.
You available now
Wrote at 25.10.18, 05:07:49.
R u available now
Wrote at 24.10.18, 02:00:53.
Wrote at 17.10.18, 20:01:46.
Are u available?
Wrote Andrew at 14.10.18, 04:04:10.
Are you free tonight ?
Wrote Saurav at 10.10.18, 03:45:12.
You free today
Wrote Sam at 02.10.18, 19:45:14.
R u available in Dt?
Wrote Neil at 30.09.18, 19:17:04.
Hey you free today
Wrote Sal at 30.09.18, 14:51:56.
R u available now? In downtown Toronto?
Wrote Shy at 29.09.18, 03:11:04.
Hi princess just want to see if ur available tonight. I like to have a good time and meet u
Wrote Shadi at 16.09.18, 06:37:19.
Wrote Hi mammals at 07.09.18, 05:38:22.
So we get to know each other better
Wrote at 03.09.18, 10:35:02.
So we get to know each other better
Wrote at 03.09.18, 10:35:00.
Wrote at 27.08.18, 19:15:50.
Are you enjoy sex with me now
Wrote at 23.08.18, 18:15:04.
Hi Bebe you are working
Wrote at 23.08.18, 18:13:48.
Looking to eat that ass. Here at Kipling and dixon
Wrote Josh at 23.08.18, 10:58:20.
Wrote Melissa at 16.08.18, 18:04:05.
Wrote at 14.08.18, 09:08:17.
Wrote Paul at 14.08.18, 09:01:51.
Will you come to Scarborough
Wrote Paul at 14.08.18, 09:01:13.
Ciao. Sono Angelo da Firenze. Una sera?
Wrote Franco da Firenze at 08.08.18, 20:53:30.
Un pomeriggio intero. Che ne dici?
Wrote Franco da Firenze at 08.08.18, 17:39:11.
Hi you available now ?
Wrote Hi you available bow at 04.08.18, 12:23:34.
Wrote at 25.07.18, 17:15:29.
Available? Address? Sunday 15th.. I don have a phone.. real pic? Hh?
Wrote An at 15.07.18, 17:50:05.
it andre horny after seein pics want have fun
Wrote you available at 11.07.18, 10:16:42.
Available tonight?
Wrote Tony at 28.06.18, 22:49:57.
Can you take 9inch
Wrote at 24.06.18, 16:03:26.
Hi Princess, saw ur profile on Web site want to see if ur available tonight. I like to hav a gd time and meet u
Wrote Hasan at 16.06.18, 22:38:29.
Can you come to Holiday Inn downtown
Wrote Neil at 14.06.18, 02:01:08.
Hey bella per una ora che servizio fai
Wrote Pino at 02.06.18, 13:52:59.
Wrote at 28.05.18, 10:19:54.
Hey, You look stunning in one of your pictures, I was wondering if you have snapchat or more pictures? Also, are you free tonight in-call for an hour? Would love to spend some time with you.
Wrote Paul at 26.05.18, 18:24:26.
How are you
Wrote Jay at 24.05.18, 03:27:41.
Want to see you tonight..are you available..
Wrote Moe at 23.05.18, 04:44:12.
Are u available now
Wrote Shan at 16.05.18, 05:18:35.
Can you cum now
Wrote at 14.05.18, 08:29:08.
Wrote K at 14.05.18, 06:39:02.
Hi babe how much for Greek
Wrote Peter at 11.05.18, 16:39:32.
Hello. What are your rates
Wrote Adauto at 07.05.18, 00:39:57.
Are u available today?
Wrote Michael at 12.04.18, 17:27:56.
is the rate same for couples please
Wrote jim at 26.03.18, 17:48:28.
Are you free now?
Wrote Sunny at 10.03.18, 00:11:02.
Are u free on Saturday $?
Wrote Oli at 23.02.18, 12:36:08.
Wrote Jug at 16.10.17, 03:53:53.

Young Italian beauty Daniella

You will be pretty suprised and happy to see this young escort shaped like a top model in your bed. She will guide you through the process of anal sex

Daniella is a young model-looking call girl from Etobicoke, Toronto. She is 28 years old, with long black hair, slim body with bronze skin and a desire to please. There are a number of girls that provide A-level, so Daniella is the one of those escorts. This Toronto anal escort knows how to behave with the client and how to create an intimate atmosphere, so you will not be disturbed or ashamed. She is available both for incalls and outcalls. Contact this girl: +416 5000 163.

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