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Best Toronto escort service.
Call girls in Toronto.
/ Margo

Margo, +1 (437) 775 0940

Toronto, Hamilton
+1 (437) 775 094024 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
adult massage Margo (Toronto)

photo Margo (Toronto)

Margo (


Age: 24
Height: 173
Weight: 50
Bust Size: Huge


1 hour: 150
2 hours: 300
All night:
Outcall: yes
A tall girl with a big bust and a slender figure offers guys and married couples entertainment on a commercial basis. By the way, the prices for sex services are more than reasonable, and are accessible to everyone. In agreement with Margo, group sex is possible. Call Margo at any time convenient for you.

Time to call: anytime

Last update: 07.04.21
Ad number: 773705

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
If you are visited Margo please leave your feedback . Note that all feedbacks will be checked before posting . Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again!
Hey Margo are you available for outcall in Toronto?
Wrote Matt at 25.09.21, 05:26:24.
Come over for 1h of fun
Wrote James at 19.09.21, 14:24:38.
2 hours come over!!
Wrote Sergio at 14.09.21, 18:10:50.
Rumen dimiteiv
Wrote R at 12.09.21, 09:38:11.
Hey Margo would you be down to come over for an hour and ride a big duck
Wrote Chris at 11.09.21, 05:03:16.
Hi are you doing incalls in Torinto?
Wrote Jay at 09.09.21, 04:57:54.
Wrote at 08.09.21, 05:49:36.
Hi do you do incall in toronto?
Wrote Sars at 07.09.21, 01:32:13.
Hey Margo are you available for outcall in Toronto?
Wrote Jiorgi at 03.09.21, 07:26:52.
Hi do you do incall
Wrote Aaron at 03.09.21, 04:00:41.
Wrote Thomas at 03.09.21, 01:01:44.
Hi do you do incall
Wrote at 01.09.21, 23:24:27.
You free tonight
Wrote Gigi at 31.08.21, 05:57:56.
I would love to see if u
Wrote at 29.08.21, 04:12:36.
Price for hh
Wrote at 25.08.21, 00:31:57.
Hey im looking to have a good night :)
Wrote Mario Antonio at 23.08.21, 03:48:22.
Wanna fuck tonight?
Wrote Brian at 21.08.21, 06:21:35.
Wanna fuck tonight?
Wrote Brian at 21.08.21, 06:21:08.
You look very interesting to meet.
Wrote Jason at 20.08.21, 20:08:24.
One hour come over!!
Wrote Jeff at 20.08.21, 01:13:21.
Are you busy right now ??
Wrote Jeff at 20.08.21, 01:13:00.
im interested
Wrote at 18.08.21, 04:47:54.
Hey beautiful, are you available?
Wrote George at 17.08.21, 04:49:06.
Are you available now?
Wrote Dany at 17.08.21, 00:45:36.
Hey come over
Wrote at 16.08.21, 09:23:15.
Are you available now
Wrote Kurt at 14.08.21, 05:04:09.
Hey bb
Wrote at 14.08.21, 05:03:01.
Wrote at 11.08.21, 20:46:41.
Available right now out call
Wrote at 09.08.21, 04:44:19.
Wrote at 09.08.21, 04:43:46.
Hey babe are you available right now. Outcall
Wrote Edi at 08.08.21, 02:12:35.
Hey are you open for a fun night with a girl?
Wrote Loren at 07.08.21, 02:37:37.
Hi babe, whats your location?
Wrote at 03.08.21, 03:24:31.
Are u good?
Wrote Chris at 01.08.21, 10:56:09.
hi are you doing outcall?
Wrote at 30.07.21, 03:17:47.
Hi how are you doing
Wrote Am at 29.07.21, 19:53:59.
Wrote at 26.07.21, 01:12:20.
Hi are you available out call in Toronto?
Wrote Deksi at 20.07.21, 03:50:40.
Whats ur phone number babe
Wrote J at 18.07.21, 20:31:11.
Afternoon, what city are you in?
Wrote Sonny at 15.07.21, 19:03:22.
Hi, I’m looking for someone to be with next wed. Would you be available?
Wrote Justin at 15.07.21, 06:35:46.
R u avaible right now
Wrote at 13.07.21, 04:26:23.
Good evening Are you available for outcall in Thornhill? Hot pics btw
Wrote Seth at 12.07.21, 06:32:14.
Hey babe u available?
Wrote Faty at 08.07.21, 23:19:27.
Wrote at 05.07.21, 04:03:10.
Wrote Filipe at 05.07.21, 04:03:01.
Wrote at 03.07.21, 15:38:22.
Hi Are available
Wrote Jhaddy at 03.07.21, 06:34:37.
Salut beauty
Wrote Julien at 01.07.21, 22:51:16.
Whats your location
Wrote Justin at 29.06.21, 07:06:20.
Whats your location?
Wrote Greg at 29.06.21, 01:51:07.
Hi Where are you located roughly please?
Wrote Amin at 24.06.21, 19:03:32.
Wrote at 19.06.21, 22:52:40.
Are you available for outcall?
Wrote Charles at 18.06.21, 03:10:43.
You available
Wrote at 17.06.21, 06:35:32.
Wrote at 17.06.21, 06:35:08.
You available
Wrote Tim at 17.06.21, 06:32:16.
Hi Margo, I know its short notice, but im wondering if you have an availability for tonight? Anytime after 10pm works best, as Im working. Im looking for a 1hr incall. About me, Im 38, black, average build, 190lbs, vaccinated. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. I can be reached via text at 647 470 1363 Cheers. J.
Wrote at 13.06.21, 17:49:13.
you available now?
Wrote John at 13.06.21, 03:48:42.
Are u available for outcalls?
Wrote Jone at 12.06.21, 15:34:32.
Hi you available
Wrote Tim at 11.06.21, 00:42:59.
U are beautiful I would like to know if u r avail. Next week
Wrote J at 10.06.21, 18:11:57.
Wrote at 09.06.21, 14:07:35.
Are available
Wrote Faustin at 09.06.21, 14:06:23.
Wrote at 09.06.21, 14:05:42.
Are you available right now
Wrote Raimey at 08.06.21, 08:38:12.
You available
Wrote Tim at 08.06.21, 01:43:28.
Are u available now
Wrote at 07.06.21, 10:24:52.
Wrote at 07.06.21, 10:24:27.
Hey are you available sweetheart
Wrote Fraser at 07.06.21, 06:36:20.
Are you available tonight
Wrote at 06.06.21, 00:50:56.
I want you tonight bby.
Wrote Phred at 05.06.21, 20:07:54.
Are u available for outcalls
Wrote Chris at 04.06.21, 01:21:50.
hi, can you come to the hotel? Hommewood Hilton
Wrote Fabio at 02.06.21, 01:34:56.
Hey are you available outcall
Wrote Sami at 01.06.21, 04:03:29.
Hey whats up
Wrote John at 23.05.21, 07:10:40.
Hi sweety im looking to be tickled and jerk by 2 girls im a 33 man athetic. Are you available with another girl? Thank you
Wrote Frank at 22.05.21, 13:43:39.
Hi .... are u available right now
Wrote Tony at 22.05.21, 05:15:36.
Hello i want you for one hour
Wrote at 19.05.21, 13:22:54.
Need some fun
Wrote Sunn at 19.05.21, 11:48:21.
Hi hun, are you available for out call in woodbridge
Wrote at 14.05.21, 23:04:23.
Tex back if interested
Wrote at 14.05.21, 05:20:52.
I40 and for
Wrote at 14.05.21, 05:20:30.
U available for a party call and if you party hun must be independent
Wrote at 14.05.21, 05:19:52.
I would like to meet you where do you live
Wrote Tony at 12.05.21, 20:28:53.
I think you are beautiful.
Wrote Sam at 12.05.21, 10:34:27.
Are you available now ?
Wrote Holar at 11.05.21, 02:26:56.
Hi Margo my name is Jeff I would love to see you monday morning at 10am if you’re available! I love lots of kissing and bbbj and daty is that ok? Can you please text me back?
Wrote at 09.05.21, 09:05:53.
Can u come now
Wrote Bob at 07.05.21, 11:54:54.
You avail?
Wrote John at 06.05.21, 05:55:14.
Hi how are you ? ...are you in Toronto by any chance ? Do you entertain incalls ? Al
Wrote Al at 06.05.21, 01:39:21.
how much for 3 hr 3sum with another girl
Wrote lui at 05.05.21, 20:12:45.
how much would 3 hours cost you and my friend by the way she is a girl also like a 3 sum
Wrote hi at 05.05.21, 20:12:05.
Hi I like to meet you
Wrote at 05.05.21, 16:28:27.
are you available tonight
Wrote j at 05.05.21, 05:33:58.
Hello.., can I come to you around 4:00-5:00
Wrote at 03.05.21, 18:48:30.
Are you available for outcall in Scarborough.
Wrote Joe at 03.05.21, 18:15:04.
Hello you free now
Wrote Adom at 01.05.21, 07:27:04.
Wrote at 01.05.21, 07:26:26.
Location please
Wrote Hi honey at 28.04.21, 17:35:58.
You do car. I’m at Baview and Moore! Party
Wrote Dru at 28.04.21, 07:27:55.
Is in call available?
Wrote Gary at 28.04.21, 05:32:21.
Hi, Are you available today at 7pm? Today is my Birthday and i wanna to celebrate with you. Please let me know ASAP.
Wrote Kunal at 26.04.21, 15:59:40.
Are you in Toronto downtown?
Wrote Hanry at 23.04.21, 21:31:32.
Im looking for sex
Wrote Ro at 23.04.21, 02:28:44.
Im looking for sex
Wrote Goitom at 23.04.21, 01:55:19.
Are you available i am in the bloor and dundas street west area
Wrote Marcel at 23.04.21, 01:45:57.
Are you in Toronto?
Wrote D at 21.04.21, 00:17:43.
Is in call available?
Wrote Sameer at 19.04.21, 15:02:00.
Hi are you available today?
Wrote Sameer at 19.04.21, 14:53:57.
When are you free that l book a schedule with you
Wrote David C at 18.04.21, 22:34:00.
Are going to be available this evening, let’s say 7pm for one or maybe 2 hours?
Wrote David C at 18.04.21, 22:27:57.
Are going to be available this evening, let’s say 7pm for one or maybe 2 hours?
Wrote Tim at 18.04.21, 20:01:13.
Are going to be available this evening, let’s say 7pm for one or maybe 2 hours?
Wrote Mike at 17.04.21, 12:27:33.
Are you available now?
Wrote Alex at 17.04.21, 09:46:44.
Hi, are u available?
Wrote Vic at 15.04.21, 21:02:07.
When are you free?
Wrote DJ at 15.04.21, 03:08:17.
Wrote at 13.04.21, 04:36:45.
Hi, are you available tomorrow evening?
Wrote Zen at 13.04.21, 03:13:28.
Do you have avelablie
Wrote at 11.04.21, 18:15:42.
Wrote at 11.04.21, 18:15:27.
Seeking in st cathirnes
Wrote at 11.04.21, 16:50:45.
Yes Want to meet up
Wrote Jat at 11.04.21, 03:04:25.
Hi .I saw your add .Are you available today and May I know your location.
Wrote Nik at 10.04.21, 19:01:29.
You available
Wrote at 08.04.21, 07:27:37.
Hey are u available? Also do u have a place ?
Wrote Sunny at 08.04.21, 01:02:35.
Hello!i m Dan..r u available?
Wrote Dan at 07.04.21, 23:20:58.

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