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/ Sonya

Sonya, +1 (647) 720-6411

Toronto, Guelph
+1 (647) 720-6411On duty
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Sonya, +647-720-6411

call girl Sonya, from Toronto

image Sonya (outcall escorts)

Age: 30
Height: 167
Weight: 68
Bust Size: Medium

Nationality: French

1 hour: 220
2 hours: 440
All night:
Outcall: yes
Hey there! I'm a French girl named Sonya. Tonight I want you to be my lover, I will be your loyal companion; I will give you all my attention and tenderness. I will give you a sweet French welcome, I promise ) Spice up your sex life, add me to your palette. I'll outshine any girl you've ever been with. I'm no fake, and no drama queen. I know how make you feel special ;) Please make a booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Time to call: 09:00 — 23:00

Last update: 20.07.17
Ad number: 96953

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
If you are visited Sonya please leave your feedback . Note that all feedbacks will be checked before posting . Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again!
I am exited to meet with your beauty and maturity
Wrote Kosti at 18.07.24, 01:53:36.
I am in mid town toronto
Wrote Kosti at 18.07.24, 01:52:23.
Hi, are you available
Wrote Kosti at 18.07.24, 01:49:33.
Hey babe Ill be in Richmond Hill Toronto tomorrow night. Could we hook up? How much US dollars for 1hr of your service.
Wrote Victor at 16.06.24, 17:33:03.
Hi, Are you available now?
Wrote AL at 18.05.24, 04:24:25.
Available this evening/morning?
Wrote Jay at 10.04.24, 04:36:53.
Wrote at 18.03.24, 07:43:12.
Are you available
Wrote Sep at 18.03.24, 07:41:39.
Are you available now?
Wrote Cedric at 12.03.24, 04:21:49.
Wrote Jai at 22.12.23, 05:49:11.
Are you available now in downtown
Wrote Hab at 18.12.23, 18:33:28.
Are u available now
Wrote Rahul at 09.12.23, 05:53:52.
Are you available now?
Wrote Mark at 02.12.23, 08:16:03.
Are you available girl eats you
Wrote Lexxi at 24.11.23, 04:32:30.
R u available now, I am in downtown
Wrote Sameer at 24.11.23, 01:04:34.
Wrote at 22.11.23, 10:32:02.
Wrote at 22.11.23, 10:31:46.
Wanna have fun
Wrote Terry at 22.11.23, 10:31:38.
Wrote Terry at 22.11.23, 10:30:59.
Hey ????
Wrote at 20.11.23, 16:29:05.
Hi are you closer to downtown
Wrote at 20.11.23, 16:28:38.
Hi, are you available in the mornings, please let me know.
Wrote Monse at 17.11.23, 05:56:24.
Hi, are you close downtown?
Wrote Fab at 15.11.23, 14:42:59.
Hola mademoiselle Como Sava too LOL I have never been with a French woman and I would love to have you share your Voyager Journeys and dreams with me I need the company in touch of a real woman are you available call me text 437-882-5405
Wrote Edson. M at 24.10.23, 09:44:44.
Hii Sonya your sweet xoxo ????
Wrote Daddy at 30.09.23, 20:08:01.
Wrote Daddy at 30.09.23, 20:07:17.
3 sums I dunno Need aid
Wrote Brandoz Young at 02.08.23, 03:21:59.
3 way my girl is other one involved
Wrote at 02.08.23, 03:21:23.
I am looking for lesbian sex, u up for it ?
Wrote Lami at 13.07.23, 04:40:36.
Hi you available now
Wrote Adnan at 10.07.23, 13:01:41.
Hi ru available
Wrote Alex at 09.07.23, 19:03:47.
Hi ru available
Wrote Alex at 09.07.23, 19:03:47.
Hi ru available
Wrote Alex at 09.07.23, 19:03:46.
Hey i m intedrrreyr
Wrote Ya at 03.07.23, 03:25:53.
Wrote Khan at 13.06.23, 11:50:21.
Available tomorrow morning?
Wrote Az at 12.06.23, 03:56:46.
Wrote at 20.05.23, 12:15:29.
Hey Sonya, are you available for tonight ?I am in downtown Toronto. Let me know .
Wrote Don at 10.05.23, 20:17:32.
Wrote at 05.05.23, 05:22:08.
Wrote J at 05.05.23, 05:21:57.
Are you available for 2 hour outcall
Wrote Harold niman at 29.04.23, 09:45:55.
Hi are you available?
Wrote Cedric at 27.04.23, 02:31:43.
Hello, are you available?
Wrote Turkish Guy at 24.04.23, 03:13:37.
Are you still available
Wrote William at 23.03.23, 04:29:00.
Hello are you stil awake?
Wrote Simo at 17.03.23, 08:13:26.
Available now ? North York near Leslie and finch
Wrote ineed69 at 07.03.23, 05:31:25.
Are you available in Scarborough tonight?
Wrote Hey roshan here at 19.02.23, 22:36:58.
Can I eat you out
Wrote John at 08.01.23, 00:18:37.
Are you available to Dundas and dovercourt area? Today?
Wrote Micha at 02.01.23, 01:45:12.
Wrote Emad at 09.12.22, 07:04:55.
Bu gece benimle yatarmisin
Wrote Burak at 28.11.22, 00:40:50.
Are you available
Wrote Hey sexy at 10.10.22, 06:07:48.
Hey can’t get through
Wrote at 25.09.22, 23:58:11.
When Are you available
Wrote Chaand arora at 13.08.22, 06:24:29.
When are you available?
Wrote at 09.08.22, 07:46:31.
Me and my man are interested..outcall? Is this something u can do?
Wrote b at 31.07.22, 19:53:32.
Hey babe
Wrote at 22.07.22, 07:52:52.
Wrote at 22.07.22, 07:52:26.
Wrote at 22.07.22, 07:52:15.
Are you available?
Wrote Nat at 18.07.22, 18:13:49.
Jacuzzi top floor sandman near airport?
Wrote Sunny at 28.06.22, 05:53:16.
Hi tu parles Français ?
Wrote Martin Rivet at 04.06.22, 17:43:23.
Are you available?
Wrote Sibi at 08.05.22, 02:30:52.
Estás disponible a domicilio
Wrote Luis at 01.05.22, 22:50:39.
Are you available right now and accept card ?
Wrote at 26.02.22, 04:42:39.
Are you open to girl on girl?
Wrote Bella at 16.02.22, 15:18:16.
Are u available right now
Wrote Raf at 13.02.22, 13:02:33.
Es tu diaponible ce soir?
Wrote at 10.01.22, 01:05:25.
Hi, are you available tomorrow?
Wrote Nik at 05.01.22, 01:32:19.
Wrote vamshi at 22.12.21, 15:47:51.
Are you available today?
Wrote Emad at 10.12.21, 14:38:11.
Wrote G singh at 09.12.21, 17:13:30.
I can speak a little French. Are all French girls as nice as you?
Wrote Kurt at 06.11.21, 15:53:36.
Sonya, ive never been to canada. If i did go to Canada, couuld we meet?
Wrote Kurt at 06.11.21, 15:51:21.
You are so so desireable.
Wrote Kurt at 05.11.21, 18:26:46.
Arent French girls nice.
Wrote Kurt at 05.11.21, 18:25:39.
Are you open for girl on girl ?
Wrote Sarah at 02.11.21, 15:01:09.
Wrote at 23.10.21, 18:07:51.
Wrote at 23.10.21, 15:18:13.
Hi Sonya, are you available?
Wrote Prabha at 07.10.21, 09:02:01.
Can I c u now
Wrote Aj at 20.09.21, 03:35:43.
Are you available now?
Wrote Rich at 27.08.21, 04:45:49.
Wrote at 21.08.21, 17:18:32.
Hi Sonya, My gf and I would like you to join us in some intimate fun. Is that something that you would offer?
Wrote Nathan Drake at 18.08.21, 22:52:02.
C’est vraiment toi sur les photos?
Wrote Simon at 04.08.21, 01:14:20.
Ce sont de vraies photos?
Wrote Simon at 04.08.21, 01:13:47.
Let’s catch up
Wrote at 03.08.21, 08:05:32.
Do you have time for us to meet tonight?
Wrote Michael Coelho at 02.08.21, 05:47:31.
Are you working now?
Wrote John at 29.07.21, 19:38:10.
Hi are you available right now for out call 1 hour
Wrote at 27.07.21, 17:23:17.
Looking to book for tonight 2 hours
Wrote Naz at 30.06.21, 19:21:23.
I wanna get laid
Wrote Bri at 06.06.21, 01:00:12.
I wanna get laid
Wrote Brian at 06.06.21, 00:59:33.
Wrote at 02.06.21, 20:35:28.
Wrote Jimmy at 02.06.21, 20:34:05.
Wrote at 02.06.21, 20:33:42.
How do we hook up thanks
Wrote Neil at 27.05.21, 17:55:47.
Free now
Wrote at 27.05.21, 15:16:53.
Wrote at 27.05.21, 15:16:42.
Where are you located
Wrote Neil at 26.05.21, 17:29:20.
Wrote at 13.05.21, 23:44:39.
Hey do you take money after coming or before
Wrote Alakh kuls at 19.04.21, 01:29:50.
Hi Sonya Are you working now?
Wrote at 05.04.21, 07:27:23.
How can I book u?
Wrote How can I book u at 04.04.21, 19:23:16.
Are you available??
Wrote Mhn at 23.03.21, 15:41:08.
Hi babe
Wrote Rick at 21.03.21, 00:14:00.
Wrote at 17.03.21, 04:29:27.
Are you available? How does this work?
Wrote Pj at 06.02.21, 03:52:50.
Are you available now for out call 2 hours
Wrote Michael at 25.12.20, 19:59:13.
In calls?
Wrote Brian at 06.12.20, 08:03:00.
looking for DFK,DATY,BBBJ,MPOS.
Wrote Sean at 28.11.20, 07:39:04.
Wrote Backo at 25.11.20, 15:54:02.
Do you come to west end south toronto?
Wrote Kevin at 13.11.20, 06:47:18.
Will u come to pefferlaw for an hour
Wrote Jim at 17.10.20, 07:21:06.
Do you come to Oshawa
Wrote Terry at 02.10.20, 19:34:21.
Do you come to Oshawa
Wrote Terry at 02.10.20, 19:34:21.
Are ylu available for an outcall for an hour tonight?
Wrote Roan at 02.10.20, 02:50:29.
U available?
Wrote Meno at 08.09.20, 02:48:19.
U available?
Wrote at 08.09.20, 02:47:58.
Do you take debit
Wrote Mark at 28.08.20, 20:22:23.
Hi babe - you around?
Wrote Dave at 16.08.20, 08:12:07.
Hi, when will you be available next?
Wrote Curious at 18.07.20, 06:28:46.
Do you do couples and are you into women basically are you bi
Wrote Victoria at 24.01.20, 17:39:12.
Wrote Harj at 27.10.19, 09:57:08.
Hey are you available Saturday around 6pm
Wrote at 02.10.19, 14:07:46.
Hey babe!! Are you free tonight?
Wrote Ayaan at 16.09.19, 02:43:56.
Hi I Amin Toronto are you free ?
Wrote Touf at 08.09.19, 14:53:45.
Wrote at 02.09.19, 18:03:06.
Hi how are you are you available tonight ? I’m near the airport
Wrote Jack at 01.09.19, 01:47:09.
Hey available today?
Wrote Doug at 05.08.19, 14:22:25.
Do you do couples
Wrote Ruby at 02.08.19, 02:24:30.
are you available for hotel fun ...woodbine
Wrote at 17.07.19, 00:13:06.
R u avialable for threesome my husband
Wrote at 16.07.19, 16:56:24.
are you available?
Wrote c at 05.07.19, 00:13:58.
Are you available for a threesome with my wife and I?
Wrote Lou at 02.07.19, 17:09:29.
Wrote at 23.05.19, 12:31:05.
Wrote at 23.05.19, 12:31:05.
Bonjour Sonia je peu t es voir comment
Wrote Bonjour Sonia je peu t es voir comment? at 23.05.19, 12:30:21.
Hi Sonya, I would like to meet with you.
Wrote at 08.05.19, 05:00:01.
Do you do incall?
Wrote Reh at 01.05.19, 14:40:55.
I am happy to pay 280 for one hour and a half if ur free
Wrote Michael at 14.04.19, 06:00:36.
Hey Sonya are you free tonight
Wrote at 12.04.19, 03:55:58.
Hey Sonya are you free tonight
Wrote Warren at 12.04.19, 03:13:39.
Hey there. How much do you charge for all night?
Wrote Aaron at 02.04.19, 10:10:56.
Hi R you available for tonight?
Wrote Sam at 27.03.19, 01:50:28.
Hey you available?
Wrote Bob at 26.03.19, 00:20:27.
Where can we meet ?
Wrote Ziggler at 17.03.19, 22:57:39.
Hey baby what’s up
Wrote at 17.03.19, 04:23:42.
Are you available Monday night in downtown Toronto ?
Wrote Brian at 15.03.19, 08:43:53.
Hi Sonya, I would like to meet with you.
Wrote Steve at 12.03.19, 02:36:41.
Hey are you available today?
Wrote Tosh at 03.02.19, 14:18:00.
Hey are you available today?
Wrote Tosh at 03.02.19, 14:17:29.
Wrote at 24.01.19, 17:40:41.
Hi how r u
Wrote at 24.01.19, 17:40:32.
Are you available
Wrote Moe at 22.01.19, 22:11:02.
Are you available tonight??
Wrote Dru at 16.01.19, 04:08:46.
hi can you meet me
Wrote riaz at 14.01.19, 07:05:57.
Hi r u available tonight
Wrote Boby at 09.01.19, 01:50:59.
Hi r u available tonight
Wrote Boby at 09.01.19, 01:50:38.
hey are you available today ?
Wrote chris at 31.12.18, 22:28:54.
you around
Wrote chris at 26.12.18, 07:58:28.
Where are you located.?
Wrote Sam at 22.12.18, 21:27:03.
Wrote at 15.12.18, 09:58:51.
Wrote at 15.12.18, 09:58:42.
Wrote at 15.12.18, 09:58:35.
I can come at your hotel
Wrote Alex at 14.12.18, 19:04:03.
Wrote at 04.12.18, 05:18:09.
Hey can you come to king city tonight??
Wrote Enzo at 24.11.18, 17:08:40.
Bby i want uhh
Wrote Rajat Rana at 19.11.18, 19:58:38.
Wrote D at 16.11.18, 08:22:58.
Hi, How are you? I was wondering if you are available tonight? Thx
Wrote george at 29.10.18, 21:17:24.
are you available
Wrote at 26.10.18, 07:42:22.
Hi, How are you? I was wondering if you are available tonight? Thx
Wrote Wally at 08.10.18, 02:14:30.
Do u do bbbj and cim
Wrote Jay at 08.10.18, 01:45:14.
Do u do bbbj and cim
Wrote Jay at 08.10.18, 01:44:44.
What number can you be reached ? Number above doesn work.
Wrote Jack at 30.09.18, 17:45:59.
Are u available tonight
Wrote Damian at 17.09.18, 03:53:59.
Are u available tonight
Wrote Ann at 15.09.18, 22:18:32.
Can i get anything for 80?
Wrote Ammaar at 10.09.18, 15:42:32.
Are you available now
Wrote Ankur at 08.09.18, 20:17:14.
Allo Sonya, are you available to meet tonight around 9 pm downtown Toronto. Thanks
Wrote Roger at 05.09.18, 18:47:45.
Hello Sonya, are you available tonight around 9pm downtown Toronto.
Wrote Roger at 05.09.18, 18:29:27.
Are you available between 12 till 2am tonight?
Wrote at 24.08.18, 21:32:22.
Whats availability like? Where are you ?
Wrote Rob at 20.08.18, 05:22:42.
Are you available now?
Wrote John at 19.07.18, 20:24:49.
Are you available?
Wrote at 19.07.18, 00:05:57.
Do u do bbbj
Wrote Bj at 16.07.18, 14:12:30.
Do u do bbbj
Wrote at 16.07.18, 14:11:51.
Are you available this Sunday. Condo downtown?
Wrote Peter at 12.07.18, 19:45:56.
Are u ok with girls.... no going down but dildos
Wrote Courts at 20.06.18, 00:13:57.
Are you available
Wrote Tony at 15.06.18, 02:46:55.
Wrote at 31.05.18, 07:49:41.
Are you available now?
Wrote Mike at 30.05.18, 07:33:19.
can u do girl on girl? Strap on, pussy licking...
Wrote Katy at 24.05.18, 18:25:02.
Are you available Sunday the 20th, after 4
Wrote Steve at 18.05.18, 04:41:29.
Yes I can
Wrote Hrmz at 09.05.18, 20:49:23.
Where r u
Wrote Hrmz at 09.05.18, 20:48:31.
Where is ur hotel
Wrote at 09.05.18, 20:47:44.
Can I book u 4 hh
Wrote Hrmz at 09.05.18, 20:46:33.
Stephane hi are you available to come at my hotel
Wrote at 16.10.17, 07:20:59.

Mature busty BBW Toronto escort Sonya from France

Enjoy relaxing massage after a long and tiring day at work. Sonya will help you to forget the everyday stress, just let her do her job. One of the best escorts is waiting for your call.

Sonya is a 30-year old escort from France. Her seductive curves and big breasts make her so desirable! If you'd like to let off the steam after a tiring day at work - spend some quality time with a hot French girl. Do not hesitate and book an appointment with Sonya now +647-720-6411.

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