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Best Toronto escort service.
Call girls in Toronto.
/ Kongs Companion

Kongs Companion, +1 (416) 907-0098

Kongs Companion
Toronto, Scarborough
+1 (416) 907-0098On duty
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
hooker Kongs Companion (Toronto)

Age: 29
Height: 170
Weight: 54
Bust Size: Medium

Nationality: South Korean

1 hour: 200
2 hours: 400
All night:
Outcall: yes
Professional incall agency "Roommates" in the heart of Toronto. A great selection of the most beautiful ladies in the city. You will find female companions offering professional and reliable service. True GFE experience with top escorts. HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday - Friday from 10 am to 8 pm Saturday & Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm Prices start with 140 CAD for a quickie Please contact us via phone

Time to call: 09:00 — 23:00

Last update: 27.07.17
Ad number: 98168

Escorts Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Strap - ons
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
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You are lovely, Kong. Are your kisses deep and passionate? Lets be together soon....ok?
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Toronto upscale ladies for sexual adventures

Roommates is an incall Toronto Escort Agency. We are located in the very heart of Toronto. We offer private and upscale companionship for gentlemen. The agency is very popular as we have a large selection of girls of all nationalities and body shapes. Our girls offer a smooth and unforgettable girlfriend experience in a very comfortable atmosphere.

We care passionately for your privacy, so all the services are discreet. Prices start from 140 CAD for 30 minutes. Contact us from 10 am to 8 pm +1 (416) 907-0098

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